Valentine’s Day Dinner

Updated: Read my list of Valentine’s Day Restaurant: 2011 Edition for more choices, and my guide to Valentine’s Day Gifts: Food Edition.

Saint Valentine’s is a strange little thing, it comes and leaves in a hurry, but memories will always stay behind. Even though it is a day where retailers, florists and restaurateurs rejoice – I believe in Valentine’s day. The idea behind it (less the commercialise plots), is very sacred; Valentine’s is all about you and me.

Have you decided on a romantic restaurant for your Valentine’s Day Dinner?

Everyday is Valentine’s, so long we are happy together. Yes that’s true, but Valentine’s is the only day that you can walk around with big bouquet of roses without having the whole world staring at you. This is the day where you have the perfect excuse to splurge on an expensive meal without feeling guilty. This is the day where you can justify spending a bomb to get the Tiffany blue box or that Gucci wallet without any nagging feelings. This is Valentine’s day.

Many people always have problems finding a nice restaurant for Valentine’s day. The guys will have a headache on where to bring their girlfriend, wife, and mistress, while the ladies will dream of where their man will bring them to, or in a slightly unfortunate twist, planning for their ideal Valentine’s day venue.

I’m no male chauvinist, but I firmly believe that a guy should plan the surprise, and search for a suitable Valentine’s day restaurant to bring their other half, well at least for Valentine’s day.

Here is a list of romantic restaurants in Singapore to celebrate Valentine’s Day:

Au Petit Salut

Au Petit Salut
40c Harding road
Tanglin Village (Dempsey)
Tel: +65 6475 1976
$148++ per person (5 Course dinner on 14th)

Bistro One Zero Three
103 Pasir Panjang
Tel: +65 6476 6373
(Closed on 13th-23rd feb, for early Valentine’s only)

Boat House Fullerton Singapore

Boat House Fullerton
3 Fullerton Road
#03-01 The Fullerton Waterboat House
Tel: +65 6538 9038
(Please call restaurant to check if they are open on 14th)

Flute at the fort
21 Lewin Terrace
Fort Canning Park
Tel: +65 6338 8770
$228++ per couple (First seating 6.30-8.30pm)
$298++ per couple (Second seating 8.30pm onwards)
(Closed on 15-17th Feb)

Prive Restaurant
2 Keppel Bay Vista
GF Marina @ Keppel Bay
Tel: +65 6776 0777
$108++ per person (8 course dinner at restaurant)
$68++ per person (3 Course dinner at Bakery cafe)

Wild Rocket
10A Upper Wilkie Road
GF Hangout @ Mount Emily
Tel: +65 6339 9448
(Closed on 13th-18th Feb, for early Valentine’s only)

The White Rabbit
39C Harding Road
Tel: +65 6473 9965
$98++ per person (5 course dinner with glass of champagne)
(Closed on 15th-16th feb)

* * *

I will be adding this list to the top of my Delicious page if you need to find this page the next time. Remember to call the restaurants in advance and make your reservations. Have a good Valentine’s Dinner!


brad, whoever your date is, she’s very lucky (: oh, i wish i could celebrate valentine’s day at au petit salut. i’ve heard so many fantastic things about it (from you, of course!) (:

hehe.. maybe I should try my luck at one of them and stalk you and ur lucky girl. haha. Love that you advocate the male efforts in the planning process. Good on you Brad! haha.

Shirin: We will go APS when u come back : )

jiaying: HAHA i’m trying to be nice and help everyone think of ideas ma!

dawn: Awww.. thanks dear, you must come to Singapore soon okay!

The little teochew: Only our Ju! Tee hee. Vday once a year only, must splurge and indulge

Dorothy: haha how are you spending yours? :D

Dweam: Going there this year? I think they definitely need reservations, otherwise u probably cant get any tables

Sihan: ROFL! you are so funny sinny! so which one will you be trying your luck at? lets play mind game!

alkanphel: oh yea, very value set lunches they have. 30++ for 3 course

jayden: Cheers, i been wanting to go for the longest time too! i went in once to look at the place, damn awesome

hey! nice and detailed food blog! i’m a friend of elaine’s and have been following both your blogs faithfully. =) (regularly referring to them for good recommendations)

is bistro 103 a good place for vday dinner? though the food is good, like what reviews have said, is the ambience good enough?


103, really? I don’t really think so! I’ve not tried the food, but I’ve driven past it a few times before and it’s not really what I would call romantic?

Hello KC & HungryEpicurean: Valentine’s dinner does not mean that you have to go to the most stunning and expensive restaurant in town. Although the bistro isn’t exactly very romantic, but i always enjoyed the cozy place, plus the food is good and prices are reasonable. Not everyone can afford to splurge a few hundred bucks for a dinner. Bistro one zero three is definitely one of the places i will choose if i need somewhere quaint and quiet to enjoy a simple dinner with my date.

“Let’s make every Saint Valentine’s our first, I want to fall in love with you all over again.”

you are becoming more and more cheesy! haha!

how was your Valentine’s Day with your lovely date? ( :

Au Petite Salut (agreed, but there’s a change in chef a few months ago)
Bistro One Zero Three (disagree, the ambience is NOT romantic)
Boat House (Saint Julian would be my top pick if $ wasn’t an issue…)
Braise (disagree on food, ok on ambience, but its been closed since 30 April 2010)
Flute at the fort (agree but service is lacking)
Prive Restaurant (disagree on food but ambience could make up for it)
Wild Rocket (disagree on ambience, setting and location…)
The White Rabbit (agree…)
I would update your list to include Jann (great ambience… but pricey), Ember and Private affairs…

I’ve been noticing Giraffe for over 6 years now and not many people seem to know of it. But I feel that it’s ambience is worth a mention! Can’t give comments on the food cos I’ve yet to try it. Price wise, roughly $120 for 2 during the Valentine’s dinner set course

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