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It really makes me happy when readers tell me that they find my list posts useful, and they even go on a food adventure to try out all the places. Wow, thank you! So just a quick update, I’m currently researching (read: eating) things like best Mac & Cheese, Scones, Cupcakes, Tonkatsu (just to name a few), and I hope to share them with you soon.

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Food Adventure [Noun]: An exciting, typically dangerous (for the stomach and wallet) experience or activity. Only for food lovers.

Guide to Holland Village Restaurants Singapore

Holland Village

Lorong Mambong, or more commonly known as Holland Village is a very popular foodie paradise in the West of Singapore. There’s a very good mixed of restaurants at Holland Village; Italian, Mediterranean cuisine, Chinese food, Mexican, Japanese, Vietnamese – you name it, they have it!

After coming up with the guide to Dempsey road Restaurants, I have been thinking about where to feature next. I got my answer when a friend asked me with a simple question: ‘Where to eat in Holland Village?’

Here’s a complete guide of Holland Village Restaurants:


Guide to Dempsey Hill Restaurants Singapore

Singapore Dempsey Hill

Dempsey Hill is arguably one of the hottest dining destinations in Singapore. From chi-chi restaurants and cafes like The White Rabbit, PS Cafe, and Au Petit Salut, to restaurants serving alternative cuisine like Magarita’s and Don Quijote – there is surely an option or two for everyone. Dempsey Hill is indeed a food sanctuary and a gem in Singapore.

Here is a complete guide to restaurants in Dempsey Hill Singapore.


Restaurants for Mother’s Day Celebration Idea

Mother's Day Brunch

I have no idea how Mother’s Day actually came about, but I’m thankful that we have a day dedicated specially to all our beloved mothers. Actually, everyday can be Mother’s day so long everyone in the family is happy together, but you know what? Mother’s day is another perfect excuse for us to go out and have a good feast and indulge a little.

It can be quite a headache when it comes to buying presents or thinking of ideas for Mother’s day celebration. Mothers being mothers, will always say: “It’s okay, save the money and don’t splurge on presents.”


German Restaurants in Singapore

I have this mad obsession with list, so here’s the list of German restaurants in Singapore for you (and me) to try out. Due to their strategic location in the popular shopping malls, Brotzeit & Paulaner Brauhaus are arguably the better known German restaurants when it comes to German food in Singapore.


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