Kim’s Family Restaurant: Korean Dinner

I’ve said it before, and I’m not afraid to say it again, Kim’s Family Restaurant is my favorite place for Korean food in Singapore. I like it because they always serve ten side-dishes (I like to call them appetizers) no matter how many main dishes you ordered, I like the tasty and affordable Korean food there, and I like the fact that they are just ten minutes away from my place and I can have Korean food whenever cravings call.

I like it, because I like it. Why am I even explaining? Make a trip there and you will know.

As for kimchi, I’m sorry to admit, she’s just not my type. Even after trying it for a few times, kimchi just doesn’t do it for me. Sure, it’s a great appetizer, sour, slightly spicy – the perfect combination to get your palate going, but I’m just not that into kimchi.

I know there’s at least a dozen of people will hate me if I say this, but I have never been a fan of Ramen. Fine, maybe it’s just me, but ordering ramen makes me feel like we are paying restaurant price for instant noodles. With the increasing number of Japanese Ramen restaurants opening in Singapore, all the ramen-lovers are rushing to compare which place has the best ramen, but you know what, I don’t crave for ramen, so unless someone drag me along, it’s highly impossible for me to explore any ramen restaurants.

Okay this is tricky, since we did ordered Ramyeon ($8) with meat. It wasn’t too bad, I like the intense flavor of the stock, and the presence of egg, meat, seaweed that made the ramen, uh, tasty.

Bibimbap ($10) is, of course, delicious with chili, lots and lots of red spicy-sweet chili. Topped with ingredients like meat, seaweed, beansprout, and vegetables, and mix together with chili; the hot stone pot kept the temperature of the rice pipping hot – it’s perfect!

The Seafood pancake ($10) is a lovely appetizer, but do not let the word appetizer mislead you; the portion of the Korean-style pancake was more than enough to feed the four of us.

If you have another place that serves affordable Korean food with lots of side dishes, please let me know. For now, I will stick to Kim’s Family Restaurant.

Restaurant Review
Kim’s Family Restaurant
17 Lorong Kilat #01-06
Singapore 598139
Tel: (65) 6465 0535

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Oh my goodness! This is fantastic! I’m Korean and I LOVE Korean food! Go figure! :) Everything looks amazing!! What great photos!

Hehe I thought I was the only one who didn’t get what all the fuss about ramen was! But aren’t Korean Ramen and Japanese ramen totally different? Bibimbap is my fav korean dish, so easy to make but still so delicious.

Korean ramen isn’t quite my style but you really should try Japanese ramen.

For Korean ginseng chicken, there’s an outlet at Suntec Sky Garden (or something like that) — I find it very tasty.

Sook: Thank you for your kind words, yeah this is one of my fav place for Korean food in Singapore

Merry Traveller: Oh yeah, thats what i did too, kim’s first, follow by udders for desserts. I’m a happy boy

Minh: hmm.. Korean and Jap Ramen are different, but I don’t like both of them. HAHA

Angeline: When? Me want to try too, but it don’t look cheap.

Allie: i bet the korean spicy soup will taste exceptionally good when it’s raining

misterang: No la, it’s only two month plus, we went there in Nov i think. no choice, too many posts!

Emy: I know, tried both korean and Jap ramen, but I don’t really fancy both of them. I have yet to try Korean Ginseng chicken, must try it next time!

Mike: Oh no, you need to go there soon, the food is awesome, and it’s very affordable

I have always loved that place. It is unbeatable with any other Korean restaurant I have found in Singapore. :)

I just went to Kim’s last week! ( :
I didn’t like the Kimchi, too salty, and it would be better if its more spicy.
Had the bibimbap, still prefer the one at my school hall canteen though.
I share the same sentiments for Ramen. haha.. ya, instant noodles, which i don’t like.

Have you tried the Korean restaurant at East Coast Park (forgot what it is called)? ( :

Hey Brad! How’re you? Korean food is amazing! My fave Korean food is Bibimbap! Soooo good. Mmmm.. I’m hungry just thinking about it! You’re incredible you know! You can eat soo much and stay soo thin! I’m just sitting here and looking at your photos and I can feel my waist expanding already. Lol. Take care for now! xx

ramen is ONLY good in japan. Singapore ramen is terrible! i love the appetizers and seafood pancake too. Have to tried the ginseng chicken? its pretty good too :)

dweam: Go there after work! or even during lunch time if yr colleague drives

Huiyi: Yep agreed, although i have not try many Korean restaurants, but i really enjoy having my Korean fix at Kim’s

YX: hahah i know, i know : )

Shayna: School canteen bibimbap is better? whoa. nope i din tried the one at East coast, you can’t remember what is it called?

Sweesan: oh yes, please do. But since u are coming to Singapore, need to try all Char Kuay teow, laksa, chicken rice first ok?

Shirin: hahaha i have been gaining weight too! trying to exercise and run more! yeah bibimbap is good stuff, do you have nice Korean food over yr side too?

Slo: No man, always did not have the chance to try Ginseng Chicken, will love the chance to finally have it one day. Soon, soon : )

I always go to Togi at Mosque St for korean, not too bad and I like the homely feel. Crystal Jade’s korean is surprisingly good and very authentic.

For ramen, the one shop that I use as a benchmark (high one I must add) is Miharu Sapporo Ramen at Gallery Hotel! BEST in Singapore in my opinion. Ippudo is a little overrated to me…

KIMCH (and the ‘ten appetizers’ you wrote) is NOT an “appetizer”. They are all side-dishes.

You should EaT THEM AS YOU EAT MAIN DISHES (or a rice and a soup, more like a Korean homestyle).
For example, try to eat kmich and other ten mini dishes with remyeon, bibimbap, pancake, ect..

That’s the best way to enjoy Korean food. Kimch and other mini side dishes give you a lot more favoure along with main dishes.

And for the Ramyeon, It’s NOT SAME with Japanese Ramen.
Korean ramyeon is an INSTANT NOODLE which you can buy at a store, and a cook cooks it for you, that’s all, no exception.
In the other hand, Japanese ramen is usually cooked as an ordinary noodle dise. You expect nice broth made by a cook.


Jo: Togi eh? okay i got that down! maybe next time you can drag me to Miharu : )

Hello Jane: Thanks for the correction, i also tend to remember them as appetizer rather than side-dishes (even though i always know it’s side dishes through watching Kdrama).

Yeah i know ramyeon is more like instant noodle compared to Jap ramen, and having tried both, the texture is totally different, but I still don’t really crave for Jap ramen, eve though the broth is superb : )

Everything looks good. True, I never liked ordering ramen in Japanese/Korean outlets, for although I like the hearty, sweet broth a lot, but the feeling of slurping on … instant noodles is perpetually there. Hehehe …

I’ll take that Bibimbap anyday though.

hey there! i know this is totally not related, but i like to ask if you know where can i get 3D design durian cake? i’ve seen it once last year, but i clearly forgot where it’s from. any idea? thanks! :D

j2kfm: yep you just said everything on my mind, i rather have bibimbap! but i’m sure a bowl of hot ramen will taste good on a rainy day

amanda: Hello there, i’m not too sure abt 3d durian cakes, but Goodwood park Hotels are famous for their durian desserts, maybe you can give it a try.

LFB: Oh dear, i have yet to try Korean Ginseng chicken, you need to enlighten me on that

joycelyn: thanks for the recommendation, will try them when I’m in Novena area next time

Shawn: haha do drop by and give them a try, let me know if you like it

Haha Kim’s near my place too I’ve been there twice now I think. For a more authentic and cheaper option, I think it’s not hard to cook Korean at home, I used to have a Korean housemate while studying overseas and I learnt how to cook some dishes from her – easy! What’s more…there’s so many Korean mini marts in the west area… ;)

Ju Shin Jong at Pasir Panjang is good too – loads of side dishes. But good doesn’t come cheap hehe. (:

Japanese ramen you can try Marutama at Central Mall. Personally I like it better than the Gallery Hotel version.

I’ve been told there’s another place in East Coast (opposite Obolo)that has very good ginseng chicken but I have yet to try it.

You should try Ramen Santouku at Central and Ramen is Art (I THINK that’s the name) at Robertson Quay. The pork cheek ramen from Santouku is heavenly! Both have really great thick creamy broth. You really should try more Japanese ramen!

Ju Shin Jung, located at East Coast and YESS Centre, serves great korean food as well. Like Kims’ they serve about 10 different types of side dishes at the start of the meal and the best part – it’s free flow! And free of charge! Even when you keep asking for more!

Hello Elinn: Thanks for the recommendation. I have tried ramen santouku before but i din blog on it yet. Which part of roberton quay is “ramen is art” located at? haven see it around before.

Ju Shin Jung is kind of pricey right? haha will probably try it soon since it’s like one of the more popular Korean BBQ around : )

Ju Shin Jung is kind of pricey for 2 persons. If you can go there by a group of people of 4 or 5, it is worth it. You can try two types there, BBQ and Steamboat. For me, I prefers BBQ.:) If you try BBQ with Korean Wine, it is perfect match. :P I recommend to try at YES center. If you wanna go on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you should make a reservation first.

Lots people google this because it was on channel5 yesterday night for ‘real deal for a good deal’ I guess :D

hello ray: oh yeah i saw their menu before pretty pricey, okay will find a group of friends to go down together, more people can try more food! hahaha when there’s bbq, you will never want steamboat :p

foood: hello there! no wonder so many people google for it! hahaha thanks for letting me know

Have you tried Full House at Tanjong Katong? Heard its not bad. Tell us about it if you do happen to check out that place :)


Would like to add my 2 cents worth. I love korean food and i typically enjoy the one at Amara and Itogi at chinatwon. Fantastic seafood soup they serve and the side dishes can be ordered again at no addtl costs. Prices have gone up abit but i will still patronize these 2places which are my favourite.
Any one can advise where else will i get good korean food with decent pricing ?

I was TERRIFIED at Kim’s family Sunset way branch last evening, we found a baby cockroach in the Ginseng Chicken soup! If we were dining in a hawker centre, I would have taken it slighty easier. We informed the manager in charge and of course they apologised for the negligence.

Is this the same restaurant chain that is in Sunset Way? We had terrible food. Service was not that goo either. The six dishes we started out lacked flavor. I could make better at home, which defeats the whole purpose of going out.

Too bad as they just opened up on West Coast Road near where we live but we will never go back to Kim’s. Rather go hungry.

I love to eat Korean food, but it’s kinda difficult to find it in Singapore, other than Seoul Garden (not-so-Korean), I cannot find any, recommendation guys?

Hi, as a Korean I must let you know that kimchee is not considered an appetizer. It is almost always eaten with rice or noodles.

I don’t think the one at Sunset Way is run by Kim’s. At least I hope not. The restaurant name at said address has changed. The food is dismal. Chinese Korean fusion?

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