Kim’s Family Restaurant: This is the place to go

When all my friends raved about Kim’s family restaurant, I know I have to check it out. Prior to this, my past experience with Korean food was limited to two places, so yes, up till now I have no idea how exactly an authentic kimchi taste like. The comprehensive menu meant that we spent another additional ten minutes flipping through before we finally decided on our orders.

Had I not been prepared by my friends recount of their experience, I’ll definitely be swamped by all the appetisers that arrived on our table. There was nine of them, and it even included a whole fish! There’s the usual kimchi, anchovy, spicy-sweet cucumber, and I particularly enjoyed the macaroni potato salad.

The braised beef claypot ($10) was excellent – sweet thinly sliced beef that came with cellophane noodles (dong fen) which fully absorbed the essence of the beef. We also had the kimchi fried rice ($10) which I somehow forgot to take a picture. The fried rice came with a sunny side-up on top; it looked good, but I would prefer it if it’s slightly more sourish and spicy. Bibimbap ($10) or hot stone pot rice completed the lineup for our dinner. What’s there not to like when you have hot piping rice in a hot stone mixed with so many ingredients and splashed with lots of chilli?

With the generous appetisers, and the value-for-money dishes, I will definitely return when my friends need a Korean fix, and the best part? It’s only ten minutes away from my place. See you there!

Kim’s Family Restaurant
17 Lorong Kilat #01-06
Singapore 598139
Tel: (65) 6465 0535

Kim’s Family Restaurant is listed as one of ladyironchef’s favorite restaurants in Singapore


Beautiful pics, LIC! I’m thinking whether I should get a DSLR too.. my compact camera’s manual function just spoilt, so now it can only point-and-shoot on auto. ):

wow looks great! the banchan dishes look so gorgeous and clear – you used your external flash too? there’s a warm-lit aura about the photos!

Sigh. Kim’s so far away from where i stay!

PP: three of us shared the food so we paid around 11 bucks each.

LFB: Oh yeah! I didn’t notice, but definitely tapas-style!

myfoodsiren: Make a trip down, quick! hee

eggtoast: muahahaha let me know if u like it after u try

Sistafood: yeah man next time have to eat the beef faster : )

Rexic: thank you! Yes you should, Dslr is a definite must buy! I can give some personal opinion if you need advise

Camemberu: yea i used my flash, but the photos are not very good! urgh, time to upgrade my camera. lol! hmm, come down for Kim’s then go to udders next door! sounds great right? Keropokman and me live so nearby, call us if you wanna come : )

Aiya you always blog about places near my hang-outs and ruin my diet plans :) So I went yesterday and the beef claypot is great!

alvina: this is like, fifteen minutes away from your home? : )

Puff: hahahaha you live in the west too? High five! hehe good job, i’m going to explore more places in the west

It’s raining now and I am craving for kimchi soup so badly. More so after looking at your pictures! I live in the northeast, but think I must venture to the west for this place…

I tried Your Woul’s KoreanRestaurant the other time, it was not bad, but i still miss White Tomatoes at Melbourne – the first and the best i have so far!
Hopefully, Kim’s could bring back good memories! Would love to go there one day. ( :

Jo: whoa u stay in northeast gonna come all the way to Bukit timah for food? *thumbs up!* Jo is hereby conferred will-travel-for-food-award : )

alvina: Ya what, okay maybe twenty minutes. HA

shayna: Well, like first love, you can never bring back that sort of feeling? But yeah hopefully Kim’s will be good enough for u. hehe don’t need to wait so long la, technically u are staying in the west, 174 or 157 can reach this place! lol

Found another thing I like here. The korean ‘tang hoon’ was quite good. We ordered another plate to have seconds. LOL.

Ya, come over lah… After Kim’s if we are too full, we can rest in either LIC’s or my place. We can watch Korean food dramas. Then we can go back there again, maybe to the other Korean shop further down the road to try their famous Fried Chicken. (recommended by PoshNosh in the Sunday Times). Do we sound like gluttons?

yeah i’ve just got a canon 500d, still a newbie! anyway, even that little plate of Veg makes me drool! haha!

keropokman: Your house is just opposite! we can buy udders ice cream then go yr place for desserts. hehe yea there was tang hoon inside the beef, it’s nice! there’s another korean shop down the same stretch? what’s it call?

Mandy: yay! congrats on your new toy, i’m sure you will love it! : )

Beautiful pics, LIC! I’m thinking whether I should get a DSLR too.. my compact camera’s manual function just spoilt, so now it can only point-and-shoot on auto. ):

MR: thanks! yeah if you are into photography, you should invest in Dslr, it’s totally worth the money! hehe. point and shoot is compact and light but you have very little control.

Besides Dslr is getting so cheap nowadays, the entry levels cost about 800-900 : )

Hi! My friends and I are planning to do a Korean BBQ dinner; does Kim’s family restaurant have BBQ dishes? (BBQ meat being one of Korea’s big craze they should have the dishes, but I’m just checking). Do you have any other Korean BBQ places to recommend? Thanks!!

I’m planning to go to Kim’s Family Restaurant when I visit Singapore next month. Could you please inform me how to get there from Haw Par Villa / Chinese Garden ?

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