Bakerzin: Cakes & Desserts Fiesta

It’s all about you. It’s all about you baby. Yesterday you asked me something I thought you knew. So I told you with a smile, ‘It’s all about you‘. Say ‘if you made my life worthwhile it’s all about you’. It’s all about the company, it’s all about the cakes, it’s all about the laughter, it’s all about the fun, it’s all about the sugar-rush, from the desserts.

It’s all about pistachio and strawberry. The fraisier ($6.90++) was the first one we started with. The very subtle & mild pistachio butter cream, worked for me, but it might just disappoint the pistachio purists. A simple dessert, with the almond sponge cake enveloping the butter cream. I’ll pick this again, yes I will.

On my first time trying the Strawberry shortcake ($6.50++), I was disappointed by Canele’s rendition. Well still basically a shortcake sponge with cream and strawberry, Bakerzin’s version appealed more to me. But, for people with stronger taste buds, go for other highly-flavoured cakes instead of this.

It’s all about New York. No, you do not need to go all the way to NY just for a slice of the famous New York cheesecake ($6.50++). Possibility one of the most popular cheesecake, this one here came with a coat of tangy strawberry glaze, topped with a sole berry. Light and airy, a few of us preferred this to the stronger lemon cheesecake.

Lemon, cheese, and cake. I’m talking about the Bloom cheesecake ($6.50++) of course. Cheesy flavour with a strong hint of lemon. In the battle between the supporters of the heavy-cheesy, and the light subtle dessert, I’m leaning towards the light airy camp in this case. It’s not that I do not like the cheesy type, but the bloom somehow was overwhelming, although I like the lemon zest.

It’s all about the love of coffee, and chocolate. The Sumatra ($6.50++) coffee mousse with the combination of dark and white chocolate. I ain’t a coffee lover, so it didn’t quite worked out for me.

It’s all about childhood, birthday, and nostalgia. I remember the time when I was a kid, eating my black forest cake to celebrate the-day-I-was-borne. The Foret Noir ($6.90++) was the biggest in slice, with chocolate flakes showered all over the chocolate almond sponge cake soaked in kirsch. You know, the only reason why I detested eating black forest cake was the presence of brandied cherries within. Why can’t we do a black forest without them inside!

It’s all about chocolate. It’s all about chocolate baby. The sweet, o so sweet chocolate mousse with the flourless chocolate sponge. The “oomph” and “ahh” all came out. Heavenly chocolate. I can’t imagine somebody who will dislike this, and chocolate. The Chocolate Amer ($6.20++) was by far, one of the best cakes among the 10 that we tried.

With crunchy walnuts, chocolate ganache, and caramelised bananas. Ambrosia ($6.50++). I’m always against the marriage of banana and cakes. And now, there’s even a third party, walnut involved. Not my cup, or rather slice of cake.

I called this the cousin of Foret Noir. Having similar ingredients like chocolate mousse, and brandied cherries, the Coeur Noir ($6.50++) has dark chocolate glaze instead of the chocolate flakes, and a hazelnut dacquoise base.

Bakerzin’s signature, warm chocolate cake ($4.90, usual price $9.80). The chocolate ooze out like lava erupting from volcano. Like I mentioned before, when you eat the warm chocolate with the cold ice cream. The chemical process between the two combined together, was magic. At the current promotional price, i’ll agree its a good deal to try this out.

I must say the arrays of cakes Bakerzin offered, make them one of the leaders for gourmet cakes. But I still think that in terms of appeals, Bakerzin loses out, with Canele having stronger marketing and branding. I’ll like to thank the warm hospitality of area manager, Miss Janet Chua, who was around at the Novena branch.

101 Thomson Road
#01-07/60 United Square
Singapore 307591
Tel: 6251 5550


I always like Bakerzin desserts especially the Lavande. However, the main courses they offered are quite a disspointment. Anyway, appreciate your reviews on various cakes here.
I find that their portion is getting smaller and smaller for the same price. Chocolate fondant/molten has decreased quite a bit in size…

adelines last blog post..Fried Shallot Noodles & Tom Yum Soup

Hi! Just passing by.
I’m a little shocked by how expensive the cakes are relative to the cost!

I’m also puzzled as to why the Foret Noir cake (Schwarzwalde Torte) is made with Almonds??? And the Cherries are soaked in Brandy instead of Maraschino??? Oh gosh…

Sorry just a patissier’s habit when we see people adding twists to traditional cakes.

Anyway, lovely pictures. You sure did justice to the pretty little cakes!

Sherxrs last blog post..An Inspired Confection – Lemon & Clementine Cake

sherxr: Bakerzin’s foret noir’s sponge base is made of cocoa jaconde, a cocoa almond sponge which is a quite common base for blackforest cakes. The cherries are soaked in Kirschwasser or otherwise known as cherry brandy.

Finally, the entry is up. I can tell that you have lots of entries queuing to be published… I saw the City Kid’s link on facebook and I thought it was the second part to the New Year special… Was a sweet surprise to see desserts entry…

Nice close-ups of the place and cakes…

Glad you like the fraisier, I am always so stressed when suggesting places to go for desserts… As for the strawberry shortcake, we share the same preference of BakerZin over Canele.

Like your analogy of marriage and 3rd party in the context of Ambrosia… It just says it all though some viewed it as a perfect harmony…

Hopefully, this will change your opinion of BakerZin… Their main course is not too bad but I can’t stand the belacan smell in the cafe…

Fens last blog post..Pâtisserie Glacé’s Mont Blanc

yes the warm chocolate cake!! i found the promo price totally worth my money. heh heh. better than some cakes that were priced normally. i rather go for this one. but the promo is over!! :(

I’m not a cheese, but a chocolate person! I love the Chocolate Amer, so much! =) And yes, the warm chocolate cake too. To have warm chocolate and cold ice cream in one’s mouth is totally amazing!

I was there yesterday at the Millenia Walk branch. They are currently having set meals which includes a soup, free flow of breads & a main dish.

Chocolate Amer was the first desert I have been tasted in Bakerzin. It is fabulous. I have also tried agolio sphagetti which is also very delicious and not too oily. I m looking forwards to purchase their macaroons that r now under $1 promotion!!!! Whenever I wan to buy macaroons, they r always out of stock!!?!! =) Will visit them again.

Mike: wine garage serves good molten cake? wow 15 bucks, pricey. haha. thanks for leaving your comment dude.

adeline: totally agreed! i think their main course can’t make it. lol! better to stick to the desserts

harris: haha no problem! yeah its easy when we got so many people, so we just order one cake each and share :D

evan: haha yeah finally. have too many posts to write ma. lol! not all on the chair. but mostly are. haha

sherx: ahh.. its like that one, small petite pretty cakes. lol! thanks!

ice: wow thanks for the information!

fen: yep finally. too many posts queuing. and i took so long to write just one post. haha no need to stress la, i think its more like cos most of us demand a high standard. but its the company that’s more important. haha i still stand by what i say, stick to the desserts :p

layla: lol! how many did you eat during the promo? haha

dora: hahaha yeah the chocolate amer is good, i brought it for my brother’s birthday. haha.

vicki: aye tell me! spill!

loop: how much is the set meals? but no desserts! lol

hazel: haha yeah i know their macarons are having promotion. gosh i’m so gonna try all of them. haha

Yeah bakerzin has opened its outlets in jurong point. It is more convenient to order birthday cake. I don’t need to go orchard to seek for more WOW cakes.

My mistake, the original Schwarzwalder kirschtorte is not filled with Maraschino Cherries but with Morello cherries (dark pitted cherries).

I guess the Joconde addition to the recipe evolves from the french influence. The original calls for Chocolate Sponge Cake (Vanilla flavoured).

Maraschino cherries are only for decoration for the top of the cake.

And yes, Kirshwasser (“wasser” is similar to many european liquours “Eau de vie”, “Schnapps” or “Brandy”) is the liquour made from sour cherries (yes you can get sweet cherries which only makes a difference in Central and Eastern European region).

There… the original Schwarzwalder (Schwarzwald is the Black Forest region in Germany known for their Cuckoo clocks) Kirschtorte! :)

hazel: hahaha yeah i saw their outlet when i went to JP that time. i presume you are a westie too! haha

fen: wow how did you know one?

sherxr: haha no worries man! But i don’t like the cherries within, can we do a black forest cake without any cherries? lol

Yeap, so r u also westie?

Just visited Bakerzin again yesterday in Wisma. It was another round of fantastic experience. I m so happy that there is a promotion of a pack of 6 macaroons for just $5!!!! Which means each macaroons is just around 75cents which is cheaper than BreadTALK. We have ordered 2 sets lunch, 2 packs of macaroons, SUmatra, Ambrosia which cost us a total of $60. I feel that is worth it. I always love the idea of the marriage between banana and cake.

Compared to jurong point outlets, the selected main course in e set lunch in Wisma is a total disappointment. The ham and chesse pizza is the most horrible pizza I have ever eaten. I dislike the concept of adding puff in pizza which transform pizza to a biscuit.

I hope that in future, bakerzin can add in more variety of cakes e.g. Champagne Cake from Swiss Bake. I LOVE CHAMPAGNE!!!!! Yeah…..My family is also a wine lover. =)

i ate like, 3. i only discovered the promo like 5 days before it ended. HAHAHA. can you imagine! i just kept going back to eat it!

Loved the cakes from Bakerzin, it was very good. However, i’ve found a french bakery that sells deliciously nice dessert!!! It’s fondant paradiz, a chocolate fudge with chocolate ganache in it (melts in ur mouth) yummy!!it costs only $4.80, apparently cheaper as compared to the bargain from anywhere else!! It also comes with blueberry filling for blueberry lovers.. n it’s cakes and mini french pastries are vv nice too!! Love it!!
I;ve been to the shop a few times without getting sick of it. The ‘Caroline’ cake is yum yum too!! It;s a choc cake with choc mousse in it topped with a special cream puff on top!! V indulging choc n unique cream in the puff!! I thk it’s a muz go places for dessert lovers..The shop has a very nice, westernised, old bakery decor too!!!

location: sembawang shopping centre,
‘le grenier a pain’

hazel: yeah i’m a westie too. haha. even tho i think bakerzin’s macarons are not as good as some others which i have tried, but they are definitely much much better than bread talk. so cant compare it that way. haha. and i still stand by my belief that bakerzin are good for their desserts, the main course really fails to attract me. but yeah, i agree on the new flavours. haha

layla: lol! you ate 3? omg. haha. they have the macacrons promotion now till end of feb, so you can eat as many as you want. haha

lauren: wow thanks for the tip, sembawang eh? haha. kind of far, i try to make it since you highly recommend it : )

no’s realli worth givin it a try ^_^ there’s free shuttle bus hourly frm yishun,khatib,sembawang station..
think yishun is every beginning of the hr, khatib is every mid hour..

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