Balmoral Bakery

Balmoral Bakery is a very old-school bakery which is evident from the box they use for their bakes. Located at Sunset way, the bakery offers the type of breads and pastries which we grow up together with, but sadly are slowly disappearing from our sight.

Under the “undue” influence of my secret food partner, we jogged from our place to Sunset way, and pay the bakery a visit. She introduced me to Balmoral Bakery as she has been munching on their breads since young.

Egg tart ($1)

The egg tart at Balmoral is those ‘watery’ type, my secret food partner love this type of egg tart, but i prefer those with crusty sides and firmer egg-fillings.

Custard Buns ($1.1)

The custard buns are the star of the show! Billed as Balmoral Bakery’s signature item, the custard buns are really excellent! There are other customers who brought half a dozen or more at a go. Must try!!

Cake ($1)

The cake is the very traditional type where you can only get at such bakeries, nowadays seldom do we still see such cakes around, well maybe if your neighbor still has such old-school bakeries around.

Char-siew Sau ($1)

The char-siew sau is cripsy and the char siew inside sweet!

Cake with cream in centre ($1.20)

I liked this one! The cake is very soft and fluffy, whipped cream in the center, and sugar white powder spread on top.

Total Bill for 5 items comes up to $5.50. I only brought 5 items as this is my first time there, but my secret food partner brought about more than 10 items!

The bread and pastries at Balmoral Bakery are mostly in the range of $0.80-$1.50, and there are really a lot of different types of traditional bakes which isn’t so commonly found nowadays. Go, and relieve your childhood memories!

Balmoral Bakery
Blk 105 Clementi St 12 (Sunset Way)
Tel: 6779 2064

” Relieve your childhood memories! “


yes very old-school indeed! u never try their curry puffs, they’re what balmoral’s famous for (i think). the fruit cake is not bad too :p

Hi Brad! yep..i totally love their beef curry puffs and traditional marble cakes! they are tres tres bien! must try next time orite!

Hello Evan: Yeah i did try their curry puffs, i eat it on the way back thats why i didn’t take any photos of it. lol!

Hello Claires: Yeah memories come back! haha

Hello zn: Yep, you shld try if u got pass by sunset way!

Hello Sihan: U tried them before also? haha

Now am kicking myself for not exploring sunset way which is like 2,3 bus stop away from my sch. :( That pic of egg tart really do bring back memories of good old days of afternoon snack with the gramps. =X

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  • For me its their sausage rolls and rum balls but only get the chance to go there when I bring my dog to the vet. According to my girlfriend, I’m must be the only person that would gladly bring their dog to the vet just so that I can stop by Balmoral and buy sausage rolls haha

    Andrew: lol! yep there’s quite a few pet clinics there right. Sauage rolls and rum balls, i didn’t see it that time i went, will look out for it next time. thanks : )

    yeah, sausage rolls usually sell out quite quickly so if there’s like 6 or so left, will just buy them all haha

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