Sydney Fish Market Is Set To Move – And It Will Be Twice The Size

New Sydney Fish Market

It is official: New South Wales’ Sydney Fish Market will be moving.

The Australian seafood market will continue operations in its original venue until its new home next door is completed in 2020. It has been in its current location at Blackwattle Bay for half a century and is Southern Hemisphere’s biggest fish market; every year, a whopping 13,500 tonnes of seafood is traded here.

The iconic Sydney Fish Market was never intended to become a popular tourist attraction. However, a study undertaken by Deloitte Access Economics has revealed interesting insights – a fifth of its annual three millions visitors are tourists! The new market will be two times bigger and it is hoped that the new facilities will double the annual number of visitors to six million.


Where to Eat in Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge

I really don’t visit Sydney often enough. But whenever I am there, I can trust a few friends to show me some of the best eating places. The following is a few of the must-go places, especially for first-timers to the city. Here is my guide to where to eat in Sydney.


Chefs Gallery Sydney

Chefs Gallery

Living in Australia for almost two years made me realised how much I love Chinese cuisine. It is definitely not easy to find a place that serves good Chinese food in Sydney (at least not in the city). Well, to my surprise, Chefs Gallery offers pretty legit Chinese wonders and it’s located right in the heart of Sydney city.


5 Brunch Spots in Sydney

Sydney Brunch

All I care about on a lazy Sunday morning is brunch. Really. Just by thinking about the warm cup of coffee and awesome scramble with toasts is enough to make me hungry. Being in Sydney for at least a year now, I’ve visited quite a few brunch places and there are just a few that I love to rave about!

The following is a list of 5 brunch places in Sydney that you must check out, and trust me on this, they are not your usual eggs and toast.


Bourke Street Bakery Sydney

Bourke Street Bakery Sydney

I want to share a list of eating places in Sydney that left a deep impression on me, but before that, I would like to present a prelude – Bourke Street Bakery.

It is a neighbourhood joint where locals meet their friends for coffee; or drop by to grab some pastries for breakfast next day. My experience at Bourke Street Bakery was mind-blowing. Everything that we had was so good. Lemon curd tart, croissant, chocolate tart, strawberry and vanilla brulee tart, flourless chocolate cake – wow!!

When you are visiting Sydney, a visit to Bourke Street Bakery should be on the top of your list of things to do. I would hop on a plane just to eat here.


Sydney’s Best Desserts

Sydney Best Desserts

I heard everyone has a separate stomach for desserts. At least, it’s true for all those with a sweet tooth like me. Some people say that Sydney is known for the awesome cafés and beaches. However, do you know there is quite a handful of amazing dessert places too?

Here is a list of my top 10 favourite dessert places in Sydney. While discovering Sydney, why not make it a sweet one too?