Bourke Street Bakery Sydney

Bourke Street Bakery Sydney

I want to share a list of eating places in Sydney that left a deep impression on me, but before that, I would like to present a prelude – Bourke Street Bakery.

It is a neighbourhood joint where locals meet their friends for coffee; or drop by to grab some pastries for breakfast next day. My experience at Bourke Street Bakery was mind-blowing. Everything that we had was so good. Lemon curd tart, croissant, chocolate tart, strawberry and vanilla brulee tart, flourless chocolate cake – wow!!

When you are visiting Sydney, a visit to Bourke Street Bakery should be on the top of your list of things to do. I would hop on a plane just to eat here.

The bakery serves simple, honest and delicious baked goods like strawberry & vanilla brulee tart (A$5), lemon curd tart (A$4.50), raspberry & chocolate mousse tart (A$4.80) and carrot cake (A$4.50).


On my first visit, I had a croissant and chocolate tart. They were so good that I went back again the following day. The croissant was beautiful: buttery, flaky and it goes perfectly well with a cup of hot coffee, or taken away as an afternoon snack while you stroll around Surry Hills.

I am going out on a limb to say that the chocolate tart here is one of the best that I’ve ever tasted. From the first bite I sank my teeth into the sinfully good chocolate tart, I knew this was the one that I’ve been looking for.

Bourke Street Bakery

During the second visit, we had the lemon curd tart (also one of the best I’ve had), flourless chocolate cake (A$4.5), and two tarts. Everything was perfect.

Sydney Bourke Street Bakery

“We must come back again soon.” I overheard this as two customers were leaving the place. I think it sums up everything you need to know about Bourke Street Bakery. It is definitely one of the best dessert places in Sydney.

Bourke Street Bakery
633 Bourke Street
Surry Hills, Sydney NSW 2010
Tel: (02) 9699 1011