Chefs Gallery Sydney

Chefs Gallery

Living in Australia for almost two years made me realised how much I love Chinese cuisine. It is definitely not easy to find a place that serves good Chinese food in Sydney (at least not in the city). Well, to my surprise, Chefs Gallery offers pretty legit Chinese wonders and it’s located right in the heart of Sydney city.


5 Brunch Spots in Sydney

Sydney Brunch

All I care about on a lazy Sunday morning is brunch. Really. Just by thinking about the warm cup of coffee and awesome scramble with toasts is enough to make me hungry. Being in Sydney for at least a year now, I’ve visited quite a few brunch places and there are just a few that I love to rave about!

The following is a list of 5 brunch places in Sydney that you must check out, and trust me on this, they are not your usual eggs and toast.


Cafe Hopping in Melbourne

Melbourne Cafe Hopping

If you did not know, Melbourne is known as the coffee central of the world. I verified this fact personally during a trip to the coffee heaven this winter. I admit, I am a coffee lover and yes, if you are one too, you have to go on a café spree when you visit this city.

So come on, follow me on my café-hopping journey. Here are 5 cafes in Melbourne that you should totally drop by.


Sydney’s Best Desserts

Sydney Best Desserts

I heard everyone has a separate stomach for desserts. At least, it’s true for all those with a sweet tooth like me. Some people say that Sydney is known for the awesome cafés and beaches. However, do you know there is quite a handful of amazing dessert places too?

Here is a list of my top 10 favourite dessert places in Sydney. While discovering Sydney, why not make it a sweet one too?


Black Star Pastry Sydney

Watermelon Cake

High five to those who agree that Sydney has many hidden sweet treats places! In fact, along the everyday busy streets of Newtown, tucked away in a small lane sits a simple small little café that creates a few bizarre yet surprisingly delicious cakes and tarts that one could ever imagine. Imagine a classic crème brulee tart with a fruity twist!

Black Star Pastry is where you will want to visit!