The One Dessert to Eat in Thailand – Mango Sticky Rice

Mango Sticky Rice

Thailand receives flocks of foodie tourists throughout the year for their delectable variety of Thai food. The vast abundance of street food might be a tad too overwhelming for first timers to Thailand, but one will never go wrong with the classic Thai dessert – Mango Sticky Rice.

Mango Sticky Rice aka Kao Niow Mamuang is a popular Thai dessert amongst both locals and foreigners. Made with coconut milk, fresh mangoes and sticky glutinous rice, this dessert is a delightful contrast of sweet and saltiness. Mango Sticky Rice can be easily found in street vendors and even in upscale restaurants.

The fragrant Mango Sticky Rice is simply a must-eat at any trip to The Land of Smiles!


One Dish To Try in Penang – Assam Laksa

Penang Assam Laksa

Assam Laksa is a dish duly loved by many for its distinct spicy fish broth which brings about a complex burst of flavours, making it unbelievably satisfying and appetising. Every tourist who visits Penang is bound to be looking for a taste of this bowl of goodness. Locals too, treat this as a staple in their daily meals or even as a comfort food.

There is nothing more gratifying than slurping on the tangy and spicy broth for lunch or dinner, and it only makes you crave for more. The Assam Laksa is often served topped with an array of chopped vegetables with a spoonful of hae koh – a spicy shrimp paste dip.

Walk through any street in Penang, and you will be greeted by many stall vendors serving up bowls of this piping Assam Laksa to many of its patrons. It is addictive and is bound to get your stomachs churning in delight.


The One Dessert To Eat In Australia – Lamington


Forget about the ubiquitous cheesecakes and red velvet cupcakes. If you are in Australia and searching for a dessert that is unique to Australians, look no further. The extremely delicious Lamington can be easily found in cafes and bakeries across Australia.

An Australian Lamington comprises a moderately-soft squarish cake coated with a thin layer of chocolate icing before it is covered with desiccated coconut. The insides of the Lamington is at times stuffed with cream or jam.

Indeed, no trip to the Land Down Under is complete till you have tried this sugary treat.


The One Dish To Eat In Hong Kong – Egg Waffles (Gai Daan Jai)

Egg Waffles

If you are in Hong Kong and there’s only room left for just one more dish, you would definitely have to spend your remaining dollars and calories on Hong Kong’s most famous local street snack – Egg Waffles.

Egg waffles are also known as ‘Gai Daan Jai or Gai Daan Tsui’ in Cantonese, which literally means little eggs when translated. The snack is actually made up of numerous egg-shape waffle pieces that are conjoined together to form a honeycomb structure.

Gai Daan Jai is an extremely popular street snack amongst the locals and they can be found on almost every street and corner in Hong Kong. You certainly cannot leave Hong Kong without trying it!


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