Dancing Crab Is Opening In Punggol At Northshore Plaza On 5 May 2022

Dancing Crab Punggol

Dancing Crab—one of the best Louisiana seafood restaurants in Singapore—is opening a new outlet at Northshore Plaza II, Punggol’s newest waterfront mall on 5 May 2022.

Dancing Crab Seafood

Opened by the TungLok Group, Dancing Crab is a Louisiana seafood restaurant that specialises in the freshest seafood dishes from huge bags of fresh catches like mussels and crabs, to classic mains like Fish & Chips to Lobster Roll.

Chilli Crab Dancing Crab

What makes Dancing Crab a place we can return to again and again is its varied menu of seafood dishes.

Dancing Crab Signature Seafood Bag

It goes without saying that eating at Dancing Crab is a messy affair. Waiters line the tables with a plastic sheet, then bring you your seafood combo and other yummies, and pour them all on the table for you to pig out ala communal style. You can have them with utensils, but that will take the fun of it.

Other than Dancing Crab’s signature seafood combos, the new outlet at Northshore Plaza II will be offering new Asian-inspired creations such as LNX Sambal Grilled Fish and Laksa Grilled Fish.

Dancing Crab Dungeness Crab Combo

Dancing Crab
418 Northshore Drive #01-11
Northshore Plaza II
Singapore 820418