Tiong Hoe Speciality Coffee – Legit Coffee Shop With 50 Years Of Experience In Roasting Coffee Beans

Tiong Hoe Speciality Coffee

Founded by Tiong Hoe Gim Kee Trading Co—a reputable pioneer in Singapore’s competitive coffee industry with more than half a century worth of experience in roasting coffee beans—Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee opened at Stirling Road in Queenstown HDB Estate back in 2014 and it remains one of the most popular coffee shops in Singapore until today.

Tiong Hoe Speciality Coffee Machine

Coffee is naturally serious business at Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee. It is a paradise for all coffee lovers. While most of us head there for a good cup of coffee, budding baristas can also look forward to a splendid showcase of brewing equipment, espresso bar accessories and coffee beans from all over the world.

Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee currently roasts its coffee beans on site, but they are in the midst of moving their coffee roaster to another space.

Tiong Hoe Coffee Interior

Set foot in and you will be greeted by gigantic sacks of coffee beans and a crowd of coffee enthusiasts.

Tiong Hoe Speciality Coffee Menu

Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee boasts several roasted single-origin and an espresso blend. Prices range from S$3.70 for an espresso to S$5.30 for an iced cappuccino.

Tiong Hoe Speciality Coffee Iced White

Coffee blends are typically on a rotational basis, which means you will probably get to savour a different type of coffee each time you visit Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee.

Tiong Hoe Speciality Coffee Interior

Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee
170 Stirling Road
Singapore 140170
Tel: +65 6473 1133
Mon to Fri: 8.30am – 5.30pm
Sat and Sun: 9am – 4pm
Nearest Station: Queenstown