Chin Mee Chin – Famous Old-School confectionery Is Reopening On 15 Sep 2021

Chin Mee Chin

Chin Mee Chin—the famous old-school confectionery—is reopening at its original location at 204 East Coast Road. While it was earlier reported that Chin Mee Chin would be returning in March this year, there was a delay and it would be reopening in 15 Sep 2021 instead.

Specialising in local kopi, traditional kaya toasts and soft boiled eggs, this is the ultimate go-to destination for an authentic retro Singapore experience. The legendary coffee shop is also known for its baked goods such as Swiss rolls, cream horns, luncheon meat buns and sugee cakes.

Chin Mee Chin kitchen

Established in 1925, the legendary coffee shop has been closed for two years and according to an article by The Straits Times, it is making a comeback in partnership with the Ebb & Flow Group, which is behind food and beverage concepts such as The Dragon Chamber, Tigerlily Patisserie, and Sommer Dining.

Chin Mee Chin Bakery

Madam Sharon Tan, the granddaughter of the confectionery’s late founder, and her mother, Madam Leoang Kwang Ling (Chin Mee Chin’s main managing partner) remain shareholders in the business and will be working closely with the new partners to pass on their heritage recipes.

The seating capacity of the new Chin Mee Chin will be doubled to 50 seats, including a new alfresco area.

Chin Mee Chin Kaya Toast

Stepping into Chin Mee Chin brings this nostalgic feeling—from the green floor tiles and marble round tables to the way the aunties shout across the room with your orders—almost as if time stood still in the good old days.

We cannot wait for Chin Mee Chin to reopen!

Chin Mee Chin
204 East Coast Road
Singapore 428903