This Traditional Bak Kwa Shop In Serangoon Gardens Is Selling Bak Kwa Fries

New Eastern Kim Tee Bakkwa Fries

New Eastern Kim Tee—a traditional Bak Kwa shop in Serangoon Gardens—is now selling Bak Kwa Fries. The popular Bak Kwa shop has created the Bak Kwa Fries using its popular signature recipe.

Unlike their usual Bak Kwa slices which are made considerably thinner than most Bak Kwa that you get in Singapore, they have made the Bak Kwa Fries thicker, chunkier and juicer.

Forget about spam fries, you need to try this new Bak Kwa Fries!

New Eastern Kim Tee Bakkwa Exterior

Starting out from humble roots, turning his interest into passion and passion into a business, founder, Mr Teo Kim Tee began his own signature brand—New Eastern (Kim Tee) Dried and Minced Pork—back in 1976, setting up shop in the heart of Serangoon Gardens. They’ve remained at the same location ever since and have now grown to become a popular name among many.

New Eastern Kim Tee Bak Kwa Cooking

Their bak kwa is unique in that it is made considerably thinner than most, allowing the complex smoky aromas and sweet, porky flavours to melt on the tongue. Priding themselves on producing bak kwa that is 100% hand-made, their products begin the traditional way, cooked in a charcoal oven before subsequently grilled over a charcoal stove.

New Eastern Kim Tee Bak Kwa Fries

Now, back to the Bak Kwa Fries. It is available at an introductory price of S$6 and they are freshly prepared at New Eastern Kim Tee at Serangoon Garden (22 Maju Ave) and Chinatown (22 Sago St).

And from 22 to 26 Dec 2020, New Eastern Kim Tee is offering free delivery with no minimum order for the Bak Kwa Fries!

New Eastern Kim Tee Bak Kwa
22 Maju Avenue
Serangoon Gardens
Singapore 556695
Tel: +65 6283 2829 / 9138 6665
Nearest Station: Serangoon

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