8 Online Baking Supplies Stores In Singapore To Check Out If The Phoon Huat Queue Is Too Long

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If you’ve not been able to get your hands on whipped cream or unsalted butter, today may just be that day that happens. Here are 8 online baking supplies stores in Singapore where you get can your baking supplies from!

Ailin Bakery House from FB

Photo Credit: http://www.facebook.com/ailinbakeryhouse/


Itching to make some cookies or cakes? Ailin Bakery House will have everything you need. From powders to pastes, this store is well-equipped for both the ad-hoc and everyday baker.

They also carry some pretty mind-boggling ingredients such as Pandan Seaweed White Lotus Paste and Egg White Powder.

Islandwide delivery costs S$12 flat and is within two to three working days from the day of order.

Website: https://ailinbakeryhouse.com/

Bake King from website

Photo Credit: Bake King


Bake King is pretty much the closest substitute there is to Phoon Huat. Their range of products is mad extensive, so you can basically expect to find anything you want here. Crushed biscoff cookies, dried rose petals — you name it, they have it.

You’d better head over there quick though, as their products sell out pretty fast.

They offer free local shipping for orders above S$150.

Website: https://www.bakeking.com.sg

Bake With Yen from FB

Photo Credit: http://www.facebook.com/bakewithyensg/


A baking supplies brand from Malaysia, Bake With Yen is slowly becoming a lot more recognised with its three outlets in Singapore. Their product range encompasses baking ingredients, bakeware, baking tools and more, all at really reasonable prices.

They even sell some of their ingredients in bulk for those who are in the baking biz.

They offer free local shipping for orders above S$150.

Website: https://bakewithyen.sg/shop/

Lim Siang Huat from FB

Photo Credit: http://www.facebook.com/limsianghuat.singapore/


While Lim Siang Huat is an all-rounded grocery retailer, their selection of baking supplies beats your ordinary supermarkets any day. You can easily stock up on flours, chocolates and yes, even the elusive whipping cream that’s been sold out almost everywhere.

They also carry premium Khong Guan flour, from noodle flour to roti prata flour. You can get many of their baking items in bulk too to save costs if baking has become your daily routine.

The cut-off timing for next-day delivery is 2pm from Mondays to Fridays and 11am on Saturdays.

Website: https://www.limsianghuat.com/

Mold Mart from FB

Photo Credit: http://www.facebook.com/moldmartsg/


The Carousell craze may have died down a little now, but believe it or not, that is the birthplace of this thriving baking store. Their shop specialises in baking molds, and all sorts of ‘em.

In need of donut molds or flower-shaped molds? Mold Mart will send them over in no time. Besides molds, they also sell common baking ingredients and even some grocery items.

Islandwide delivery goes at a flat rate of S$8. If you hit a minimum spending of S$50, delivery fee will be reduced to S$5. And, enjoy free delivery if you spend S$100 and above.

Website: https://sg.carousell.com/moldmart

Sugar Smith Inc from FB

Photo Credit: http://www.facebook.com/sugarsmithinc/


If you’re looking for more premium, exotic ingredients and haven’t had any luck in the supermarkets, Sugar Smith Inc may just carry the items you need.

This baking supplies store is armed with a variety of more high-end ingredients, from Valrhona feves to Muscat grapes concentrate paste. They also have some of the prettiest cake boards we’ve seen, such as white marbled and pink acrylic ones.

Islandwide delivery fee goes at a flat rate of S$7 during this circuit breaker period.

Website: https://sugarsmithinc.com/

Sunlik Trading from Website

Photo Credit: Sun Lik Trading


This hidden gem along Seah Street has its roots as a provisions shop, but evolved to become a well-loved baking store among pastry chefs and bakers.

But, we’re not gonna lie. Sunlik Trading’s online store has a limited selection, with only 20 products. But, if you’re in need of biscuit mix, flours or cake boxes, you know where to find them.

Free islandwide delivery when you spend S$200 and above. Otherwise, there will be a S$15 delivery fee.

Website: https://sunliktrading.com/index.php?route=common/home

ToTT from FB

Photo Credit: http://www.facebook.com/tottstore/


ToTT has got your back when it comes to your bakeware and kitchenware needs. These guys are well-stocked with molds, pans, pots and trays. Thinking of making canelés or madeleines? Well, you know who to hit up.

They’ve also got an eclectic line-up of exquisite Nordic ware, from Tombstone cakelets to platinum bundt pans.

Website (via Shopee): https://shopee.sg/tottstore

United Bakery Supplies from FB


We’ve never seen durian pulp and Korean yuzu puree in baking supplies stores before — till we met United Bakery Supplies. This store has a small but steady range of baking supplies, whether it’s sugar or butter.

If you’re on the hunt for great quality matcha or houjicha powder, they carry them in 1kg sizes. They also sell Speculoos cookie butter in 1kg tubs for the cookie butter freaks.

Website: https://www.unitedbakerysupplies.com/