Yet Con Chicken Rice Restaurant Is Closed For Now… Will It Re-Open For Business Again?

Yet Con Chicken Rice Closed

The famous Yet Con Chicken Rice Restaurant is closed for now.

Having been around for over 70 years now, Yet Con Restaurant remains one of Singapore’s last bastions for authentic Hainanese food. Their signature Hainanese chicken rice is a must and they even have an option for hot pot.

Yet Con closing

Accordingly to Facebook user Daniel Chia, Yet Con Chicken Rice’s iron hate was firmly shut when he was there today and the iconic red Yet Con decals on the front door had been removed. Mr Daniel Chia checked with Chin Chin Eating House—Yet Con’s neighbour across the street—and the reply from them was “they were closed, for now.”

Yet Con Hainanese Chicken Rice

It remains to be seen if Yet Con Chicken Rice will reopen again. We are definitely keeping our fingers crossed that this is not the end of another heritage restaurant in Singapore.

Yet Con Restaurant
25 Purvis St, Singapore 188602