Dining In At Your Favourite F&B Outlets Is Still Not Allowed After The Circuit Breaker

post circuit breaker

While the Circuit Breaker has been confirmed to be over by 1 June 2020, not everything will go back to normalcy immediately.

The post-measures for after the Circuit Breaker has been divided into 3 phases. Phase 1 commencing 2 June 2020 will be considered the ‘safe re-opening’ stage and allows a certain number of businesses to resume their services.

Sadly, food & beverage outlets will still not be able to allow dine-ins during Phase 1. Phase 1 is estimated to last a few weeks from the end of the Circuit Breaker.

F&B outlets will gradually be allowed to open only during Phase 2 if they are able to provide a safe environment for their patrons. Social distancing measures also need to continue being in place when you eat out.

This means that for now, we still will have to do takeaway or deliveries for our favourite food. Check out our guide here to find eateries that will be doing islandwide food delivery depending on your area.

We hope everything returns back to normal soon so we can eat out at our favourite eateries again. Stay safe and take care everyone!