Spice World Hotpot Which Served Barbie Meat Dresses Has Closed In Singapore

Spice World Hotpot Collage

For all their mind-boggling dishes and ground-breaking creations, it comes as a shocker that Spice World Hotpot has ceased its operations in Singapore. There has been no reason provided yet for their closure.

This hotpot establishment in Clarke Quay shot to popularity for their wild innovation that saw dishes such as teddy bear broths and metre-long meat platters. Some skeptics may have seen them as being over-the-top and gimmicky, but Spice World Hotpot proved them wrong with their dedication to quality and service.

Spice World Hotpot

Spicy World Hotpot arrived in Singapore in 2018 and served up authentic Sichuan flavours.  Flying their ingredients and soup bases in from Sichuan, they were certainly not messing around with their robust broths and fresh ingredients.

Their Teddy Bear Spicy Butter Soup Base was well-loved for more than just its theatrical value while their Barbie Australian Wagyu Beef Slices promised marbled cuts of excellent quality.

We can only hope that Spice World Hotpot will re-open soon. Till then, Hai Di Lao and Beauty In A Pot will have one less competitor.