5 Dishes To Pair with Sapporo Premium Beer – Har Cheong Gai, Burger, Tonkatsu & More


Nothing beats celebrating #TGIF and ushering in the arrival of the weekends by popping a cold one with your pals! What better way to greet the long-awaited weekend than with scrumptious finger foods, music, chill vibes and of course, good booze?

When it comes to picking our poison for the night, we prefer something refreshing and crisp, nothing too heavy-bodied that leaves us nursing a hangover the next morning. Introducing Sapporo, an esteemed beer brand in Japan that has been serving premium beers since 1876, all of which have been carefully crafted to perfection.

Sapporo is renowned as the oldest and most famous brewery in Japan that has a long-standing history of its own. They have churned out various signature beers that have quickly gained popularity among the Eastern and Western masses, such as their Sapporo Imported Beer and Sapporo Light Beer, but nothing trumps the king of their beers: Sapporo Premium Beer.

A flagship product, the Sapporo Premium Beer is now one of the best-selling beers in Singapore. It is no wonder why both tourists and locals alike love it: the beer is a light-bodied, hoppy lager that pairs incredibly well with rich, savoury flavours. It also retails for a mere S$10 at Timbre+’s Bottle Shop!

Here are five dishes at Timbre+ that are perfect with everyone’s favourite Sapporo Premium Beer.

Burg's Classic Cheeseburger with Sapporo Beer


Beer goes well with anything, especially burgers. You are not a true beer connoisseur if you have not tried beer together with burger — those two go together like peanut butter on jelly! Imagine chomping on a succulent, sinful patty and having a smooth, earthy bottle of booze to complement the heavy-handed meal.

Introducing Burgs by Project Warung, this humble Halal burger stall serves up quality, gourmet wallet-friendly burgers for the masses. We opted for their Burg’s Classic Cheeseburger with a Double Patty and Cheese Fries (S$11.50) which consisted of a handcrafted beef patty, Burg’s own signature sauce, pickles, crispy fried shallots and American cheese.

Burg's Classic Cheeseburger

This dish was our favourite; it had a melted gooey cheese that simply enveloped the patty, while the meat itself was thick and luscious. Bite into it, and you get a whole mouthful chock full of fluffy buns and moreish meaty flavour. Sip on the beer, and you get an additional, strong pack of punch that elevates the taste of the burgers and cuts through its fattiness!

The fries were all generously coated with a huge goop of cheese as well; the fries used are not your usual shoestring ones, which gives the sinful meal an extra bit of indulgence. We enjoyed chomping into it: the fries were full of soft, potato goodness.

Har Cheong Gai Wings with Sapporo Beer


We are all in universal agreement that when it comes to beer, it is best quenched with greasy fried food. Indulge in a night packed with rich-flavoured booze, and even chicken wings, that leave you licking your fingers for more! Featuring the iconic Har Cheong Gai Wings from Ah Tan Wings — every chicken lover would have heard of this legendary dish.

Known for serving purportedly one of the best Har Cheong Gai Wings in Singapore, we got their Fried Har Cheong Gai Wings (5 wings, 5 drumlets set/S$13) to go along with Sapporo Premium Beer.

Har Cheong Gai Wings

Fried to perfection, the wings boasted a crisp skin well-coated with fragrant prawn paste. It had tender, juicy meat that had a lingering salty-sour aftertaste, adding on to the wings’ savouriness.

Wash the greasiness down with your Sapporo Premium Beer, and you will definitely be hooked on that addictive pairing: when it comes to munching on heavy flavoured dishes, the malt in the clean, crisp alcohol will balance it out.

Tom Yum Pasta with Steak and Sapporo Beer


For those who want to fill their growling tummies with something much more substantial, definitely check out Thai Grilled Project. Going for the quick-service Thai food concept, the tiny stall doles out traditional Thai recipes with a unique twist: think Thai-Western fusion food!

Aiming to serve up only elevated, contrasting flavours in their dishes, this is the best stall to patronise if you are looking for something a little different, flavourful and unique to go with your Sapporo Premium beer.

Tom Yum Pasta with Thai Grilled Chicken

We went for their Tom Yum Pasta with Grilled Chicken and Grilled Sirloin Steak (S$11.90). The pasta was al dente and ladled with thick tom yum sauce, naturally lending the noodles its sweet tanginess. It was also mildly spicy, and the coolness from the beer only enhanced the dish’s spiciness, leaving us hankering for more.

You can also choose to add on the Grilled Sirloin Steak slices, which we did! It had a medium-rare middle, oozing umami-filled flavour. The chicken pieces also had a slightly charred skin, which gave the chicken an extra oomph of smokiness. The savouriness from the meats also cut through the sweetness from the pasta, making it a well-balanced meal.

Tonkatsu Bento with Sapporo Beer


Yet another filling, substantial dish is this Tonkatsu Bento (S$12.80) — this particular bento set is a full-fledged meal that comes with a tonkatsu cutlet, Japanese rice, eggs, fried tempuras, pickles and chuka wakame.

Tonkatsu Bento

The tonkatsu cutlet was well-fried and was not greasy; it also had a light, yet chunky netted breaded batter that covered soft, tenderised pork meat. The tempura was fried to a golden-brown perfection as well and had a balanced skin to meat ratio. Needless to say, the tonkatsu cutlet goes really well with the Sapporo Premium Beer.

Naan Set with Sapporo Beer


Get a taste of something a little traditional as you tuck into Pepper Castle’s Naan Set (S$8) from Pepper Castle which featured a huge platter of Tandoori Chicken, Naan and rice.

The polished pearls of rice were exceptionally fragrant, while the chicken was melt-in-your-mouth tender. It also had a slightly charred skin that added crispiness to the meat. Combined together, the flavours and spices were definitely on the stronger side, but the malt and earthiness from the Sapporo Premium Beer cut through the spices, offering a mild taste profile.

Sapporo Beer

Grab a couple of your drinking buddies, pop by Timbre+ and unwind over ice-cold bottles of Sapporo Premium Beer! Honestly, nothing completes a meal better than good beer and Sapporo Premium Beer is perfect for that! You know what? You shouldn’t even need a reason for having Sapporo Premium Beer – Anytime is good time for one.

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