Five Guys Singapore – Famed American Burger Chain To Open At Plaza Singapura On 16 Dec

Five Guys Banner

After months of anticipation, Five Guys is finally making its first foray into Singapore!

Hailing from the land of fast food, this American cult favourite is a fast-casual burger joint with a simple goal: selling the best quality burgers possible.

That’s quite a bold statement. Then again, Five Guys takes pride in standing out from the crowd – after all, they claim their burgers are made of the right stuff.

Starting out as a humble business venture by four (plus one) brothers, Five Guys soon became the spot to grab a freshly-grilled burger at.

Five Guys Int

The brand then took off, and the rest is history. Now boasting over 1,600 outlets worldwide, the brand has recently set its sights on Asia.

Brought in by Zouk Group, Five Guys will open its flagship local outlet in Plaza Singapura. Located next to the main atrium, the store offers both indoor and al fresco seating.

Five Guys Burger

Because all its burgers are made-to-order, the patty retains its moisture, the greens stay crisp, the buns remain airy, and the cheese continues to melt.

The chunky beef patty is no doubt the highlight; oozing with meat juices and partially charred from the grill, these hand-formed patties pull away easily with each.

With up to 15 distinct toppings, whether you want a slight twist or plan to go all the way, the choice is yours.  Five Guys has all the right stuff on hand; it’s up to you to pick how much of it you want.

Five Guys Fries

Handcut and made from real potatoes, these strips are fried in peanut oil until golden-brown. These snacks have a fantastic contrast: crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. For something different, try their zesty Cajun seasoning!

Five Guys Peanuts

If you’re feeling peckish while awaiting your meal, grab a handful of the complimentary roasted-in-shell peanuts for a quick snack. Addictively smoky, be careful not to fill up before your mains arrive!

Five Guys All Beef Hot Dog

Sliced butterfly-styled and freshly grilled, these hot dogs have the same smouldering saltiness as the patties. Pair them with your favourite toppings and savour with your bare hands – dripping sauces and all – for the optimal American diner experience! Five Guys Grilled Cheese Sandwich

For a lighter alternative, try their grilled sandwiches for an easier-on-your-belly and lower-calorie option without forgoing the brand’s signature taste and quality!

Five Guys Milkshake

Smooth, creamy, and wonderfully saccharine. Handspun to the perfect consistency, the smoothies are an absolute slurpable delight, and the perfect accompaniments to the savoury-on-savoury profile of the mains.

Whether you’re an enthusiastic follower of Singapore’s Burger Wars or just craving a well-made burger, swing by Five Guys for a tantalising and unforgettable treat! Try to visit early; with how kiasu the foodie crowd is, that’s the only way to guarantee getting your hands on one!

68 Orchard Road
Plaza Singapura, #01-32/35
Singapore 238839
Nearest Station: Dhoby Ghaut