Mother Dough – Halal Bakery Near Bugis With One of Singapore’s Best Flaky Croissants

Mother Dough Croissants

When it comes to croissants, French buttery flaky rolls full of crisp goodness springs to mind. Yet, not many bakeries in Singapore do them right — they often end up missing the mark, resulting in overly-soggy and tasteless croissants.

Recently, we have found one hole-in-the-wall bakery near to Bugis that churns out one of the best croissants! Introducing Mother Dough — each labor-intensive pastry sold in their quaint little shop is freshly baked to perfection and well-crafted, ensuring fluffiness and depth of flavours. Not to mention, they are Halal-certified too!

Mother Dough Croissants Display

Offering a tantalising array of croissants, sourdough bread, pastries, cakes as well as coffee, this artisanal bakery is best known for its flaky croissants. Ever since it first opened its doors, it has gained popularity amongst both tourists and locals alike, with its baked goods often selling out by late morning.

Mother Dough Sourdough Plain Croissant 2

We opted for their Sourdough Plain Croissant (S$4), and the goodie was crisp, complete with a flaky crust. It had just the right amount of butter, resulting in a non-greasy croissant that was both light and airy.

Mother Dough Sourdough Plain Croissant Halves

When we bit into it, it broke apart easily, revealing fluttery, paper-thin layers and a dense middle chock full of buttery goodness. This is the croissant to go for if you prefer having your pastries plain! It is also best paired with a cup of joe.

Mother Dough Almond Chocolate Croissant

Our personal bias is their Almond Chocolate Croissant (S$5.20) that is flecked with a generous topping of almonds. The croissant is well toasted with a slight char, lacing the pastry with subtle nutty notes.

Mother Dough Almond Chocolate Croissant Piece

It also encased airy, flaky layers consisting of thick, gooey chocolate and frangipane cream, and sprinkled with cinnamon. Though crisp on the outside, it had a chewy, soft middle that melted in our mouths, oozing a sweet mixture of both cream and chocolate.

Mother Dough Iced Latte

The Iced Latte (S$6) was aromatic, smooth and not acidic. It was also well-balanced with both slightly bitter and sweet accents.

Mother Dough Exterior

If you are looking for tasty pastries, do visit Mother Dough; their yummy baked goods will be sure to make your day!

Mother Dough 
749 North Bridge Road
Singapore 198717
Tel: +65 6909 6604
Tues to Sat: 11am – 6pm
Sun: 11am – 5pm
(Closed on Mondays)
Nearest Station: Bugis