[Closed] Spicy Rock – New Japanese Restaurant At Capitol Piazza With Flaming-Hot Dishes

group shot spicy rock

Does your heart race at the thought of spicy, kickass and lip-numbing food? Well, you will be happy to know that the new Spicy Rock at Capitol Piazza specialises in Japanese fusion food and provides an extensive menu where spice junkies can get their fix of numbing heat.

This fun hot spot will be your new go-to when you’re craving a mean kick of spice! With their creative menu, think beyond your usual Japanese fare. You can expect exciting dishes such as Spicy Rock Chicken or Beef Curry Rice, Super Spicy Tori-kotsu Ramen and their Spicy Rock Square Hot Pots—all power-packed with spices and will definitely make you rethink your ability of eating spicy food.

Here’s everything we love about Spicy Rock and why you should make a trip there soon too!

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Salmon Jalapeno Carpaccio Spicy Rock Capitol


Starting off the meal was the Salmon Jalapeño Carpaccio (S$8.80). Skilfully-sliced pieces of salmon sashimi were topped with slivers of spicy Jalapeño pepper, shallots, fish roe and a spicy yet tangy sauce.

We liked how the creamy texture of the salmon paired well with the Jalapeño pepper even though it was a seemingly uncommon pairing. It was the perfect way to prepare the palette for the rest of the dishes Spicy Rock Capitol had to offer.

salted egg fried chicken spicy rock


Crispy, juicy and perfectly golden-brown fried karaage pieces are coated in a sweet-and-spicy salted egg chilli sauce (S$8.80). The chilli sauce was milder in this dish than the rest of the plates at Spicy Rock Capitol and resembled sweet Thai chilli, but with a stronger kick of spice.

If you prefer gentler heat, this appetiser is the one for you!

spicy rock salmon mentaiko sushi burrito


One of Spicy Rock’s newest innovations is the Spicy Rock & Roll Sushi B’Rito. Our favourite of the bunch was definitely the Salmon & Mentaiko Roll (S$9.80). The roll consists of sweet tamago, silky salmon sashimi, greens, crabmeat, cream cheese and a generous helping of creamy Mentaiko sauce.

It’s a little messy when you get around to eating it, but it’s definitely so worth it.

spicy rock nabe beef


If you’re coming with friends, the Spicy Rock Square Beef Hot Pot (S$35.80) is a great choice for sharing a hearty meal. The dish features a mountain of thinly-sliced Australian beef and other hot pot ingredients such as enoki and shiitake mushrooms, fishcake, chilli peppers and vegetables. The dish can also be topped with a generous sprinkle of mozzarella cheese.

Nabe Pour Shot Spicy Rock Capitol

The broth resembled a spicier version of a typical Korean army-stew stock and paired well with Spicy Rock’s seasoned rice. If beef is not your cup of tea, the hot pot comes with the options chicken or seafood too!

Chicken Curry Spicy Rock Capitol


A must-try dish is Spicy Rock’s Curry Rice that is available in the sweeter, milder Chicken Curry option, or the richer and slightly spicier Black Beef Curry option. We had the Spicy Rock Chicken Katsu Chicken Curry Rice (S$16.80) and were blown away by the generous serving portions!

A huge cut of breaded chicken katsu drizzled with Spicy Rock Capitol’s spicy sauce greeted us alongside their signature Chicken Curry. The curry was thick and flavourful with a hint of sweetness that contrasted the mild hint of spice.

If you prefer a richer curry, try their Spicy Rock Omu Black Beef Curry Rice (S$13.80). There are even chunks of meat in the curries, making it even more delicious!

Super Spicy Ramen Spicy Rock Capitol


For only the true spice lovers, this extra spicy bowl of chicken-based ramen is not for the faint-hearted.

The Super Spicy Rock Tori-Kotsu Ramen (S$15.80) comes with tender chicken slices, a spicy meat sauce, a ramen egg, bean sprouts, spring onions and of course, a generous serving of red chilli oil.

The spice was very well incorporated and the ramen did not lack in flavour even with the strong spice. We loved how rich the broth was, its umami chicken flavour coming through impeccably through the red chilli oil.

cheese ramen spicy rock


If you don’t like your noods spicy, you might like Spicy Rock’s Cheese Ramen (S$14.80). Springy ramen noodles are steeped in a creamy, rich cheesy Tonkotsu broth. It’s topped with grilled Chashu, minced meat, a gooey egg, greens and a dollop of whipped butter!

Mix the ingredients together and melt the butter in the hot broth, to create the silkiest, most indulgent ramen you will ever eat!

wagyu beef burger spicy rock


Wagyu beef makes up this thick, juicy patty in Spicy Rock’s Beef Teri-yaki Burger (S$14.80). The burger patty is then topped with a creamy slice of melty cheese, fresh tomatoes, lettuce and a runny ramen egg. It comes with a side of crispy fries and house-made sauce!

Pro tip: Cut the ramen egg and slice it to top the burger before taking a bite for maximum flavour explosion!

soft shell crab burger spicy rock


The Soft-Shell Crab Red Chilli Burger (S$13.80) features whole soft shell crab sits between soft buns, melty cheese, sliced tomatoes and crisp lettuce.

The burger is also garnished with an ooey-gooey ramen egg that makes the burger all the more delicious as you slice it open to coat the toppings with the ramen egg yolk! Fries and housemade sauce accompany this burger as well.

Cotton Candy Beef spicy rock capitol


One of the most unique dishes and definitely rather instagrammable is Spicy Rock Capitol’s Beef Steak with Cotton Candy (S$XX). Juicy slices of beef steak and a medley of fresh vegetables and mushrooms are stewed in a thick gravy. While it cooks, a whole cloud of cotton candy is mixed in, giving it a nice sweetness.

The beef was tender and broke apart with a light bite. It paired surprisingly well with the sweet gravy that reminded us of a thick teriyaki glaze.

Pitcher Drink Spicy Rock Capitol


With so much spice and such hearty dishes, you will definitely be in need of something refreshing to quell the fiery heat. Spicy Rock Capitol serves up some icy drinks that are great for thirsty tipplers whose tastebuds require some firefighting.

We tried Spicy Rock Capitol’s Cranberry & Mint Pitcher Iced Tea (S$14.80). The sweet tea was the perfect way to end our fire-filled meal with its minty and refreshing taste. We especially loved that there were actual cranberries in the tea – a nice treat after a very indulgent meal.

From now until 20 Dec, enjoy 30% OFF your bill at Spicy Rock when you quote ‘ladyironchef’ and show the staff that you are following @Spicyrockk on Instagram. The deal is not in conjuction with any other promotions, vouchers or discounts. And it is also not applicable during Public Holiday and Eve of Public Holiday.

Spicy Rock Capitol
13 Stamford Road, Level B2
Capitol Piazza
Singapore 178905
Tel: +65 6499 5168
Daily: 10.30am – 10.30pm
Nearest Station: City Hall

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