Foreword Coffee – Delicious Coffee and Pastries with A Greater Cause

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Armed with flavourful coffee, delectable pastries a mission to spread more awareness and empower the differently-abled in Singapore, Foreword Coffee takes on Singapore’s coffee-loving crowd. Opening their third outlet at Temasek Shophouse, they’re taking bold steps forward to make Singapore a more inclusive society.

Foreword Coffee serves a myriad of coffee drinks and a few signature concoctions. In addition to these cuppas, they also offer indulgent pastries and cakes made by home-bakers or other projects with similar missions to empower.

Timeless Yuan Yang Foreword Coffee

One of Foreword Coffee’s signature drinks is the Timeless Yuan Yang (S$6.50). A ristretto shot of their Yunnan Ouyang coffee blend with an Earl Grey tea ice ball blends perfectly with milk.

The first sip brought out the bright flavour of the Earl Grey instantly and as it faded on your tastebuds, the fruity yet bitter note of the Yunnan Ouyang Coffee could be tasted. It was an excellent modern rendition of the traditional Yuan Yang.

70% Hot Chocolate Foreword Coffee

Using Dark Chocolate from the Rehoboth Estate in the Philippines and milk, Foreword Coffee’s next signature drink, the 70% Dark Chocolate (S$6.50), was a delight to drink. This would be perfect for those who enjoy a milkier hot chocolate drink but want that rich chocolate aroma.

Chocolate Cloud Cake Foreword Coffee

Foreword Coffee also supports passionate home-bakers and offer their baked goods at the cafe. We tried the Chocolate Cloud Cake (S$5) and were extremely satisfied. The cake was chocked full of cocoa flavour yet it maintained a crumbly and somewhat airy texture. It was such a simple slice but it was oh-so-satisfying.

Group Shot Foreword Coffee

We were truly humbled after our trip to Foreword Coffee. It is easy to get lost in the fast pace and rat race in modern Singapore; it also is easy to grow more unaware of society around us too. However, visiting Foreword Coffee, we had the chance to see more of what we usually do not in Singapore – empowerment of those that are differently-abled.

Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, and this includes those who have impairments and are uniquely-abled. Let us all learn to appreciate every single person and all the different personalities we have in our society, just like Foreword Coffee does.

28 Orchard Road
Temasek Shophouse
Singapore 238832
Mon to Fri: 8.30am – 6.30pm
Sat & Sun: 11.15pm – 4.15pm
Nearest Station: Dhoby Gaut

Foreword Coffee has several outlets. Check out the full list here.