Somersby’s New Sparkling White Cider – Inspired By The Taste & Aroma Of White Wines

Somersby Sparkling White Cider

Light, crisp and thoroughly invigorating, Somersby’s premium range of ciders—including the very popular Sparkling Rosé—have revolutionised the way we think, drink and feel about ciders by showing us its lighter side without the unpleasant bitterness. As Singapore’s favourite cider brand since 2012, they have never failed to maintain an innovative range of refreshing ciders that always hits the spot.

Somersby has always believed in promoting open-mindedness and sunny togetherness. With this in mind, here comes the new Sparking White Cider—a drink that will definitely spark joy.

Inspired by the taste profile and aroma of white wine, Sparkling White Cider is the marriage between a refreshing cider and white wine; bubbly, fruity and crisp minus the bitter and astringent after-taste of wine.

Somersby Cider

Born in 2008 and the brainchild of Danish brewing company Carlsberg Group, Somersby cider was originally developed solely for the Danish market. However, that has evidently changed and today, their drinks can be found in over 46 markets which includes Australia, New Zealand, Nepal, Malaysia, Canada and of course, sunny Singapore.

Aside from the recently launched Sparkling White Cider, they are also known for their extensive range of ciders which include popular favourites such as their Apple Cider and Pear Cider.

Somersby Food

With its fruity notes that have hints of oak and vanilla, the cider has a subtly tart and acidic mouthfeel that is reminiscent of its white wine components. The heady sparkly golden drink also has a lovely bubbly finish that is palate-friendly and feels similar to champagne.

The Sparkly White Cider is a great alternative for current wine/champagne/sparkling drinkers. It is also the perfect drink for people who have just started to get familiar with alcohol as it’s much easier to drink as compared to its other alcoholic counterparts.

Whether you’re throwing a huge party, hanging out with your group of friends or just spending some alone time chilling by the beach, Somersby’s multifaceted Sparkling White Cider goes well with any occasion.


What we also love about Somersby’s cider is how it is a unifying beverage that suits a wide range of palates, making it an ideal drink choice for get-togethers of groups of different people with varying drink preferences.

somersby food


With the refreshing texture of a cider, taste & aroma of a white wine, this new cider innovation has the best of both worlds.

Somersby’s new sparkling white cider is the perfect Sunday brunch drink and tastes amazing when paired with seafood, a charcuterie platter or cheese.

Sparkling White Cider Somersby

We’d use a cider to combat Singapore’s insane tropical heat too; its light and refreshing taste goes very well with a lazy day of lounging by the pool while you get that tan on!

somersby pour

With that, it’s time for us to clink our glasses in celebration of Somersby’s latest concoction!

This post is brought to you by Somersby Singapore.