New Fortune Cookie – The BEST Roast Duck In London That Puts Four Seasons Restaurant To Shame

New Fortune Cookie Duck

London is home to several restaurants that specialize in roast duck and whenever roast ducks are mentioned, the names that come to mind are the usual Four Season and Gold Mine.

But what you really need to try is New Fortune Cookie at Bayswater. This nondescript restaurant sits just right beside one of the exits of Lancaster Gate station, and it is super accessible via public transport.

New Fortune Cookie has been a perennial favourite and one restaurant that we must dine at whenever we are in London. Why? Because it is the best.

New Fortune Cookie Restaurant

Over the last 5 years, we’ve had meals here every single time we visit London and none of them disappointed us. New Fortune Cookie is the most affordable option if you compare it to Gold Mine Restaurant and Four Seasons Restaurant, and has a good consistency to boast.

The duck is prized for its fats (in a wonderful way), and every bite of the fatty duck comes with a gratifying aroma that lingers. If you are a fan of fatty ducks, this is the real deal. Their meat to fat ratio is absolutely wonderful.

New Fortune Cookie Restaurant London Duck

For £12 per half duck, New Fortune Cookie wins in terms of price.

The menu is huge, and includes many other Chinese stir-fry dishes but we’d say to not waste your time and just go for duck and more duck. If you must, they’ve got pretty fragrant Egg Fried Rice (£3.50).  And for us typical Chinese who need our greens, you’d be pleased to know that stir-fry vegetables start from £6.80. That’s pretty reasonable, huh?

Pro tip: go during dinner and with every order of at least half a duck, you can ask for a free soup of the day.

New Fortunne Cookie