Kura – Hidden Patisserie Serving Japanese-Inspired Pastry Under $5 in Singapore

Kura Compilation

Tucked away in The Herencia at Kim Yam Road is Kura that serves up delectable Japanese pastries at wallet-friendly prices. Even so, they don’t compromise on quality and offer up some mouthwatering cakes.

Kura shares the space with cafe and bar, In Bad Co, with a small glass display of their multi-coloured confections. With offices and residential areas nearby, we’re sure it will be an up-and-coming place for desserts in no time.

Kura Interior

The shared cafe space between Kura and In Bad Co. has a rustic, almost industrial-like setting. Kura’s colourful cake display, taking its place in the back of the cafe space, is visible just upon entering.

Kura Strawberry Shortcake

Firstly, we tasted the Strawberry Shortcake (S$4). It was a simple sponge cake and cream with strawberries dotted through it. The seemingly simple slice of cake turned out to be so delicious, with a consistency that rivalled that of a cheesecake. It was simple and executed to the tee.

Kura Lemon Tart

Kura’s Lemon Tart (S$4) is one we would never forget. Despite being a rather petite pastry, it packed a very big punch. Made with a vibrant lemon curd center and toasted sweet meringue, it definitely tasted as good as it looked. The pastry crust was a tad bit soft  (probably from the curd’s moisture) but it didn’t really affect the overall plate.

Life gave Kura lemons and they definitely did a great job with them.

Kura Tiramisu

Last to grace our palettes was Kura’s Tiramisu (S$4), a mix of coffee-soaked sponge and mascarpone cream sitting inside a mini dark chocolate cup. The mascarpone filling was light – not too creamy nor heavy. We finished this in mere minutes.

With such quality pastries at a rather affordable price, Kura should be on your list for cheap desserts.

Kura Singapore
46 Kim Yam Road
The Herencia
Singapore 239351
Mon to Fri: 8am – 5pm
Sat & Sun: 9.30am – 7pm
Nearest Station: Fort Canning
(There’s a two-way shuttle bus from Somerset MRT to The Herencia)