8 Durian Delivery Services In Singapore That All Durian Lovers Need To Know

Durian Delivery

With the surge in popularity of home delivery services so you can stuff your face with everything from fast food to sushi and seafood platters, do you also know that you can get durian delivered to your place? Having ripe durians delivered to your doorstep so you can avoid dealing with the spikes and smell sticking to your car is a much appreciated convenience for us.

Feasting on the King of Fruits is a gift to our tropical country. While you can head down for durian buffets or markets to choose your own, door-to-door delivery services wherever you are means we can enjoy our creamy or bitter joys in the comfort of our own homes—without actually having to step out.

With that, here are 8 durian delivery services in Singapore that all you durian lovers can count on and need to know when the craving hits.

227 Katong Durian

Photo Credit: 227 Katong Durian


227 Katong Durian’s boss “Ah Loon” started off as a hawker before turning into a full-time durian seller in 2008. From a makeshift stall, he progressed to the present shophouse along East Coast Road. They attract the crowds which, in particular, make a beeline for his D13s which are from Johor with varieties ranging from bitter to sweet.

Delivery Details: free delivery for orders above S$200. Otherwise, there is a flat-rate delivery fee of S$30. Reservations must be made one day in advance.

Tel: +65 9751 4828

Combat Durian

Photo Credit: Combat Durian Balestier-Singapore


With over five decades of being in Singapore’s durian industry, Combat Durian is an iconic and reputable durian store in Singapore. Known for their high-grade Mao Shan Wang which is harvested from their very own plantation in Malaysia, their products are of good quality though not the most affordable.

Tel: +65 9278 9928

Delivery Details: free delivery for orders above S$150. Otherwise, delivery services are not provided.

Durian Culture

Photo Credit: Durian Culture


The founder of Durian Culture started the business with just one lorry and a truckload of durians in 1969. Today, the durian delivery company is supplying to major retail outlets and supermarkets in Singapore. Aside from Mao Shang Wang and D24, they also sell durian puree for baking.

Delivery Details: free delivery for orders that are S$300 and above. Otherwise, it is S$16 per trip.

Tel: +65 9180 1080

Durian Garden

Photo Credit: Durian Garden


Inspired by his own experience of wanting good durians delivered to his doorstep, Melvin Chua started his own durian delivery service in Singapore. You can choose from a range of durian species such as Mao Shan Wang, Golden Phoenix, D13, Red Prawn and XO. Check their Facebook page or call them for more details and updates.

Delivery Details: free delivery for orders that are S$120 and above. Otherwise, there is a flat-rate delivery fee of S$15.

Tel: +65 9799 8873

Durian Kaki

Photo Credit: Durian Kaki


Durian Kaki is formed by a group of young durian lovers. They are a band of enthusiasts who were inspired by the wild idea of giving up stable careers to source for good durian and thus travelled from Johor to Melaka and even Kalimantan Indonesia. After spending months learning through communicating with the more experienced, they built themselves from ground up through a rocky journey.

Delivery Details: free delivery for orders that are 8kg and above. Otherwise, delivery fees depend on location.

Tel: +65 8405 8509


Photo Credit: Fruit Monkeys


Fruit Monkeys has an air-conditioned stall located a short walk away from Farrer Park MRT station. If you are feeling too lazy to visit their physical outlet, call up the staff at Fruit Monkeys and they will have the King of Fruits delivered to you. They have varieties such as Old Tree Signature Musang King, Super XOD24, as well as Tekka for an extremely bitter taste.

Delivery Details: free delivery for orders that are S$180 and above. Otherwise, it is S$10 to S$15 per trip.

Tel: +65 9145 2860

Hao Chi Durians

Photo Credit: bird


Besides having more than one store in Singapore to head down to, Hao Chi Durians also provides various online platforms for customers to place their orders—mainly via their Facebook page, Foodpanda and WhatsApp. Talk about convenience! Contact Ah Hua who customers often say is a friendly, accommodating, and honest seller.

Delivery Details: free delivery for orders above 10kg. Otherwise, they charge S$15 for orders below 6kg and S$5 for orders between 6kg to 10kg.

Tel: +65 9699 6106

Lele Durian

Photo Credit: Lele Durian Singapore


You can find Lele Durian in the highly accessible Ghim Moh Market and Food Centre or get their high quality and excellent tasting durian delivered straight to you. With over three decades of experience, the stall is helmed by Uncle Hee. Besides their famous Mao Shan Wang, their other bestsellers are their D100 and D17 (coffee durian).

Delivery Details: free delivery for orders that are S$150 and above. Otherwise, it is S$15 to S$20 per trip.

Tel: +65 9694 8584