The Humble Scoop – Locally Inspired Ice Cream Parlour In Katong

The Humble Scoop

Let’s be real. With the kind of weather we have in Singapore, we can have ice cream every day.

A hidden gem among the countless maid agencies, massage parlours and tuition centres in Katong Shopping Centre lies The Humble Scoop, an ice cream parlour serving up in-house churned ice cream.

Tucked away in a quiet part of the basement, they pride themselves on locally inspired ice cream flavours. What really intrigued us were the names of the flavours on display. With names such as Orh Haw (hawthorn berry), Orh-Bee-Good (pulut hitam) and In-Kueh-Dible (salted coconut & gula melaka) that only us Singaporeans will understand, it definitely made us want to find out more.

The Humble Scoop

Photo Credit: gap.crap

The shop was very cosy and gave off homely vibes with communal tables as well as some bar seats where you can see the ice cream being churned out.

Flavours change daily and are updated on the board at the storefront. Other flavours offered that day were Guava Sour Plum, Atas Ripple, Old School Chocolate, Black Sesame Paste, Sugar Cane with Lemon and Pistachio – old school flavours reminiscent of our childhood.

Basic flavours go for S$3.90 for a single scoop, S$6.90 for a double scoop and S$8.90 for a triple scoop. Premium flavours go for S$4.90 for a single scoop, S$8.90 for a double scoop and S$11.90 for a triple scoop.


The Humble Scoop

Photo Credit: the.humblescoop

Coming from a full dinner, we opted for the lighter Guava Sour Plum and Orh Haw sorbet. The Guava Sour Plum was well-balanced, with sweet, salty and sour notes complementing each other, and tasted exactly like when we drench our guava slices with sng buay powder.

The Humble Scoop definitely perfected the sweetness of Orh Haw. Made of hawthorn berries, this flavour brought us back to the time where we used to secretly eat Haw Flakes in class. Both flavours were super refreshing – just what we needed in this sweltering heat.

If you are around the Katong area, we definitely recommend coming here for a scoop of nostalgia.

865 Mountbatten Rd
Katong Shopping Centre #B1-92
Singapore 437844
Tel: +65 9875 0394
Tue to Sun: 12pm – 9:30pm
(Closed on Mondays)
Nearest Station: Dakota