Pablo Cheese Tart Has Quietly Closed Down In Singapore After 19 Months

Pablo Cheese Tart

Pablo Cheese Tart has closed down its two outlets at Wisma Atria and nex in Singapore. Known for its cheesy and crumbly baked cheese tarts, the famous cheese tart chain from Osaka opened to much fanfare in August 2017.

The news of Pablo Cheese Tart’s exit from Singapore should not come at any surprise as the hype for cheese tarts has died down last year.

As of today, Pablo Cheese Tart Singapore’s Facebook and Instagram pages have been deactivated.

Pablo Cheese Tart Wisma Closure

Photo credit: Aaron Heng on Facebook

This is a photo of Pablo Cheese Tart’s Wisma Atria outlet. We don’t suppose they are closed for renovations, right…?

Pablo Mini Cheese Tart

In 2018, Pablo Cheese Tart also closed its outlets in Malaysia after 19 months. Such coincidence, or is something really going on?

Pablo Cheese Tart is still available in Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Canada, Australia and Phillippines.