Wan Niu Wan – Amazing S$19.90 Wagyu Donburi At PasarBella For A Limited Time Only

Wan Niu Wan Group Shot

A brand new addition to PasarBella’s last standing outlet in Suntec City is Japanese donburi specialist, Wan Niu Wan. They mainly focus on meat-based dishes using top-quality stuff such as Iberico pork jowl, Karubi short ribs and of course, the luxe Wagyu.

An easy, quick and surprisingly wallet-friendly option in the heart of town, donburi is a great option to consider but what sets these folks apart is their clear attention to detail and the way that they treat their meat pre and post cooking, resulting in a rice bowl that’s well balanced.

Wan Niu Wan Menu

Their menu is straightforward in its approach, just rice bowls featuring a variety of meat options from the high-end Wagyu to the affordable teriyaki chicken.

Wan Niu Wan Wagyu Bowl

Boasting a heady aroma of fresh truffle and toasted sesame seeds, the Wagyu Bowl (S$25) is truly one of the most well-prepared ones we’ve tried over the years. For one, we appreciated that everything was properly seasoned and it was also great that every component of the dish was skilfully prepared.

Wan Niu Wan Wagyu

The Wagyu, cooked to a perfect medium-rare, revealed specks of buttery fat running through the meat, indicating that it was indeed beef of exceptional quality, which, doesn’t leave much to the imagination with regards to how utterly orgasmic it tasted.

Great news though, as part of their opening promotion, this particular rice bowl is only going at S$19.90!

Wan Niu Wan Karubi Bowl

We also had the Karubi Rice (S$16.50), a donburi featuring a tender short rib, coated with a fruity yakitori, garlic-sesame sauce atop Japanese rice. No regrets getting this because it was literally mind-blowing.

The moment you take a bite, a number of sensations are simultaneously felt. You get the buttery, slightly sweetish soft beef that melts on the tongue followed by the fruity sauce that livens up the entire dish. This does not come with an onsen egg although we highly recommend adding it on for S$2.

Wan Niu Wan Exterior

Wan Niu Wan
3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-455
Singapore 038988
PasarBella Suntec City Mall
Tel: +65 8309 3212
Daily: 9am – 9pm
Nearest Station: Promenade