ROYCE’ – Be Treated To Pure, Creamy Chocolate Indulgence This Festive Yule

ROYCE' Christmas

If there was ever a good enough reason for you to put your dieting plans on hold for chocolate, Christmas would definitely come up tops. A season where eating and indulging in decadent treats is a vital part, this is the time where it’s totally fine to go full beast mode on all things rich and luxurious. And where better to stock up on quality chocolates than at ROYCE’?

One of the top chocolatiers in Japan and our personal favourite, ROYCE’ really goes above and beyond your standard truffles and chocolate bars. Established in 1983 in Hokkaido, Japan, ROYCE’ chocolates have gained itself international recognition for their original, superior quality confectioneries. Bringing together the best ingredients from all over the world, together with the rich and creamy dairy products from Hokkaido, ROYCE’ never fails to impress with their offerings old and new.

This season of giving, what better way to put a smile on the faces of your loved ones than to gift them with an assortment of decadent treats from ROYCE’? Newly revamped with a brand new look, their ION Orchard outlet promises a better customer experience, in addition to boasting a wider array of the brand’s signature products.

Feeling lucky? Be sure to snag yourself a complimentary gift during their in-store promotion from 10 to 25 December 2018, where, for every S$100 spend, you get to participate in a lucky dip, winning you a special Christmas gift courtesy of ROYCE’.


Newly-furnished to allow more space for customers to browse, the outlet at ROYCE’ is where we would recommend heading to. Run by a team of helpful staff that commit their utmost to provide excellent customer service, you will find yourself well taken care of.

ROYCE Champagne Nama Chocolate


If there was one significant quality that differentiates ROYCE’ from the many chocolatiers out there, it would be their undying commitment to originality and impeccable quality. We are die-hard fans of their Nama Chocolates and if you haven’t tried it, boy you’re missing out.

Their most popular product, the iconic Nama Chocolate is made from pure, rich Hokkaido cream lavishly mixed into the chocolate. Available in a variety of flavours, the one we always look forward to most is the ones accented with prestige liqueurs.

ROYCE Nama Chocolate

Gracing this festive Yule is their Champagne Nama Chocolate (S$15). This decadent treat comes armed with a bright, luxurious flavour profile of Pierre Mignon champagne that does well to elevate the experience altogether. Good champagne and solid chocolate, how much more luxurious can you get?

ROYCE Pure Chocolate


Made using the finest dairy from the pastures of Hokkaido, tuck into total, melt-on-your-tongue luxury with their individually sealed Creamy White off their Pure Chocolate line. Intricately designed the beautiful ripples serve to enhance its texture.

This single-serving chocolate comes in 10 varieties with different percentages of cacao added to each varietal. One box (S$15) contains 40 individually wrapped morsels of pure chocolatey indulgence with 2 flavours.

ROYCE Chocolate Potato Chip


Combining the salty, savoury goodness that is potato chips and coating them in a thin yet decadent layer of their velvety chocolate, ROYCE’ range of Potato Chip Chocolate (S$15 per box) offerings are just pure genius and a snack appropriate for any occasion.

The unique combination of potato chips and chocolate. Who can resist? Available in four flavours that are sure to tickle your taste buds, indulge in the edible likes of the Original, Caramel, Fromage Blanc and Mild Bitter. Disclaimer: it’s going to be hard to stop shovelling down these savoury-sweet bad boys.

ROYCE Strawberry Wafer Collage


Delivering a bright, berry burst that’s nicely enveloped in creamy, rich chocolate, the Wafer Strawberry (S$15) is absolutely perfect for folks who love strawberry.

But let’s not forget the other chocolate wafer options which include the Tiramisu Cream (S$15) and Hazel Cream (S$15) as well that delivers a flavour burst of nuanced espresso and nutty notes respectively.

ROYCE Maccha Chocolate Bar


Great news for lovers of all things maccha-laden, ROYCE’ has a pretty stellar range of maccha fit for any craving or fancy. Nama Chocolate Maccha. Prafeuille Chocolat Maccha. Chocolate Wafers Maccha. Maccha Almond Chocolate.

However you like to enjoy your Maccha be it with a crunch or melting on your tongue, you can trust ROYCE’ to have you well sorted. A decadent triple-threat and one that we highly recommend is their Maccha Bar Chocolate (S$12.50 per box of 6). Each bar comes packed with a nutty crunch featuring the likes of almonds, pecans, cashews, macadamias as well as cookie bits and crispy puffs, all nicely underscored by the fragrance of pure green tea powder.

ROYCE Lucky Box


From 10 to 25 December 2018, with every S$100 spend, you get to participate in the Lucky Dip Box, where you stand to win special Christmas goodies from ROYCE’. Who can and would say no to more chocolate, right? Just note that you’ve got to arrive as early as possible because the lucky dip is capped at 50 customers per day.

And exclusive to outlets at ION Orchard, Tampines Mall, Westgate & Tanjong Pagar, for every S$50 spent with at least 1 Nama chocolate purchase, customers can personalise 1 box of Nama Chocolate—talk about a gift that’ll turn heads.


ROYCE’ (ION Orchard Mall)
2 Orchard Turn #B4-10 ION,
Singapore 238801
Tel: +65 6509 9340
Daily: 10.30am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Orchard

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