Nayuki – Popular Cheese Tea Bakery Café Opens First Outlet In Singapore + Free Bread

Nayuki Group Shot

Nayuki has finally reached our sunny shores and we bet you are as excited as we are!

Priding themselves on serving high-quality brews alongside whacky soft Euro breads, Nayuki isn’t just another typical cheese tea store that is hopping onto the bandwagon of food fads.

An extremely popular brand in China that has already been around for more than three years, Nayuki is said to pioneer the concept of pairing Euro-inspired bakes with fresh fruit blend premium teas. Their success has led them to open dozens of outlets across mainland China. Since its beginning in 2015, this Shenzhen-born brand has opened an over 180 stores, earning themselves the reputation of “The Nayuki Veloci-tea” due to their rapid expansion.

A joint venture between Shenzhen Pindao and BreadTalk Group, this is Nayuki’s very first outlet outside of China. And it is right here in Singapore!

Nayuki Tea

Nayuki is set to open at Vivocity tomorrow, 8th December 2018. You’d also be glad to hear that as part of their opening, Nayuki will be giving away one free bread with every purchase of a drink (while stocks last!).

Here is what you can expect!

Nayuki Tea Singapore

Nayuki Strawberry Cheese Tea


Nayuki Singapore will offer just 3 flavours for the Supreme Cheese Fruit Tea Series: Supreme Cheese Strawberry (S$8.30), Supreme Cheese Mango (S$7.90) and Supreme Cheese Grape (S$7.90).

For first-timers, we highly recommend you to get their signature Supreme Cheese Strawberry. Having consistently been the top-seller in its cheese fruit tea range, this beverage is the very one that spurred the brand into investing in a strawberry field. Atop the drink is a velvety blend of cheese derived from New Zealand cheese blocks, adding a tinge of saltiness to the refreshing beverage.

Nayuki Alisan Cheese Tea


If you’re all about that savoury cheesy goodness but without the sour kick from the fruits, perhaps Nayuki’s range of Cheese Famous Teas will entice you.

Out of the lot, what left the deepest impression on us was the Cheese Ali Mountain Dew (S$5.50), which is the very same brew that won them an award during the Taiwan Winter Tea Competition last year. Oh, and zero sugar is added!

The tea is brewed using tea buds that are painstakingly handpicked before sunrise when the leaves are still covered in morning dew, before being roasted at low temperatures for 40 hours. The result? An aromatic tea that comes with a hint of natural sweetness and floral scents.

Nayuki Pearl Fresh Milk


Many food fads have come and gone, but bubble tea is one that has successfully endured the test of time. Nayuki also serves up a range of milk teas that, while rather selective, sure hits all the right spots in terms of quality.

Going back to the classics, Nayuki also serves a neat selection of milk teas in the likes of Fresh Milk Black Pearl (S$4.50), Frosted Cap Oolong Black Pearl (S$5.20), Golden Mountain Black Pearl (S$5.20).

Nayuki Cold Brew Teas


Tea-lovers can look forward to a range of cold brew offerings too. Their Cold-Brew Tea Series includes the Green Oolong (S$4.20), Frosted Cap Oolong (S$4.20) and Golden Cicada Oolong (S$3.90).

A fun fact: after finishing your tea, the bottle reveals a Chinese poem. Well, random nothings like that give us an odd sense of satisfaction.

Nayuki Bread Collage


Apart from being a stalwart in tea, Nayuki is also famous for their pillowy soft Euro bread, which are said to go hand in hand with the beverages.

There are many types of pairings in the world—cheese and wine, steaks and wine, and many more with wine. But hey, you can pair breads with tea here at Nayuki!

Every bread has a complementing tea flavour, so you really should get a tea and a bread to fully experience the flavours’ totality. For a start, the strawberry ones work well together. You can also ask the servers for various pairing suggestions.

Nayuki bread Cutting

Their signature items are the Strawberry Blush Mystique (S$6.80), Dark Oreo Mystique (S$5.80) and the adorable QQ Pearly Choco Bear (S$3.30), which we can safely say will be a surefire hit amongst children and adults alike.

Catering to the local palates, the MSW Durian Supreme (S$7.80) is Nayuki’s rendition on the King of Fruits—luscious, creamy Mao Shan Wang durian puree is stuffed in a fluffy soft-euro bread and it was so good that we couldn’t stop eating.

Nayuki Tea Melody

As part of their opening promotion, Nayuki will be giving away one free bread with every purchase of a drink from 8th December to 10th December from 11am onwards (while stocks last!).

Try out their signature pairings: Supreme Cheese Strawberry with Strawberry Blush Mystique, Supreme Orange with MSW Durian Supreme, Supreme Cheese Mango and QQ Pearly Choco Bear and Cheese Ali Mountain Dew with A Farmer’s Harvest.

So what are you waiting for?

Nayuki interior

1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-207
Singapore 098585
Tel: +65 6252 3618
Daily: 11am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Harbourfront

This post was brought to you by Nayuki.