Don Q – Award-Winning Puerto Rico Rum That’ll Jazz Up Any Summertime Cocktail Perfectly

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When it comes to classic spirits, rum may not come first in your mind, as compared to say fine scotch, nor is it a spirit associated with crazy wild parties. In that grey area between classy and crazy, rum is a spirit that sits in between.

You may associate rum with the beach and tiki bar cocktails—and you’d be right to think so. Few spirits can make a beach cocktail like rum can. Period. In fact, rum, which is made from sugar cane, is the key ingredient to many of the classic tiki cocktails.

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A versatile spirit, rum is one of those things that can taste excellent in a cocktail given its complexity of flavour notes, but few would agree that having it neat or on the rocks would be ideal—until now.

Having won several prestigious awards and the hearts of many abroad, Don Q is set to make a smooth yet assertive entry—much like their rums—into the Asia Pacific region with their portfolio of premium rums that boast distinctive bouquets, tasting notes and balance. We tried it for ourselves and were utterly blown away by the sheer smoothness of it.

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A spirit that comes with the promise of versatility, fragrant complexity, excellent taste and a clear subtlety that’s unmatched, Don Q is, hands down, our newest go to. And here’s why it should be yours too!

Don Q Cristal


For what it’s worth, the Don Q Cristal is an excellent white rum to have on your shelf. Clean-tasting, light-bodied and easy to drink—which is undoubtedly its intended style—, this product is quite literally the only white rum you’ll ever need whether you choose to simply have it with soda and ice, to concoct your rum-colas or even to jazz up a classic summertime mojito with.

A versatile product, the Don Q Cristal won us over with its ultra-smooth finish and its ability to taste good in literally any cocktail. It’s great for mixing in both frozen and non-frozen cocktails and forms the perfect base for anything—which is fantastic given its price.
And before the sceptics begin to say anything, we assure you that Don Q has several awards to show for it. Clinching the top prize of ‘Best Rum in a Mojito’ at the inaugural Ultimate Cocktail Challenge in New York, along with many other major prestigious awards, we suppose that it’s safe to say that the Cristal can be relied on.

Don Q Pina Colada


Perhaps one of the most remarkable facts about the Don Q Gold is that the world’s very first Pina Colada cocktail—invented in 1954—was made using the Don Q Gold as its base spirit.

Don Q Gold is a favourite of those searching for a classic rum taste. Its production process is pretty much similar the Cristal but with more flavour added to it give traditional rum cocktails its distinctive spiced edge. The Gold is blended using multiple varietals of rums aged between 1 and a half to 5 years. The result? A spirit that’s smooth, easy on the palate and damn good in a Piña Colada.

Don Q Old Fashioned 2


Fashioned to suit the palates of even the most distinct connoisseur, the Don Q Añejo is an immensely versatile rum that can be used for premium cocktails or for sipping.

An obvious flavour step up from the Gold, the rum itself bears a noticeably darker sheen, suggesting that it’s more aged. The tasting notes upon our first sip was a surprisingly sweet and fruity while the finish had a subtle hint of vanilla coupled with a rather nice nuance of oak.

We recommend enjoying this on the rocks to allow the ice to really open the rum up a tad, or if you do decide to craft a cocktail with the stuff, perhaps a spin on the classic whiskey Old Fashioned but substituting the base with the Don Q Añejo instead. Classy, versatile and impressively smooth, we must say this is one of the better rums we’ve had given its price.

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Affordably priced and a considerable notch higher than many commercial rums, Don Q has really outdone itself in providing proper, quality base spirits worthy of some far-out cocktail concoctions. The next time you decide to get creative behind the bar, give Don Q a try.
Don Q Cocktail

Cocktails have close to zero boundaries when it comes to the number of recipes that one can explore and concoct, but what differentiates an epic cocktail and one that’s subpar is truly the spirit that forms its foundation.

Piña Coladas and Mojitos are literally only the tips of the iceberg. There are hundreds, even thousands more rum-based cocktail creations that you can create in your own home, and if you’re ever hard-pressed over what rum to get to truly bring out the qualities of your desired drink—especially if you’re new to mixology as a whole—, we dare admit that Don Q is a good place to start.

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This post was brought to you by Don Q.