WAGYUMAFIA – Famous Wagyu Restaurant from Tokyo Opens In Hong Kong

Wagyumafia Hong Kong

The co-founder and culinary mastermind behind Wagyumafia—Tokyo’s exclusive members-only Wagyu beef restaurants—will launch his first international branch, and it is none other than in Hong Kong.

Wagyumafia’s unique culinary creations and high-profile collaborations with international chefs have gotten itself global attention, putting themselves where they are today—a highly sought after restaurant that all beef connoisseurs would kill for a dining spot.

With a mere 18 seats in its Hong Kong outlet, Wagyumafia is ready to kick some ass in Hong Kong.

Located in Wan Chai on Oi Kwan Road, Wagyumafia in Hong Kong will be an 18-seater omakase restaurant with a specialised menu of Japan’s most renowned beef: wagyu.

Wagyumafia Chateaubriand  Sando

Using pedigreed wagyu and Kobe beef sourced from select Japanese farmers, the Hong Kong outpost aims to showcase a broad range of cuts and cooking methods—from the traditional yakiniku and shabu shabu to more unconventional techniques.

The world-famous Cutlet Sandwich will also be available on its Hong Kong menu.

Expect sleek, modern interiors for the Hong Kong outlet.

Wagyumafia Hisato

But unfortunately, we might not be able to witness that on our own any time soon. In its opening month, Wagyumafia is strictly for members only. The restaurant has plans to open to public in December 2018.

Wagyumafia Hong Kong
Shop 1B, Guardian House, 32 Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai
Tel: +852 2812 0500