Uncle Kiisu – ModSin Food In Novena That’s Unbelievably Good & Affordable

Uncle Kiisu Collage

Nowadays you’ve probably heard a lot about ModSin cuisine, though more often than not the novelty of fusion food is pretty much a thin disguise for more gimmicky quirks than actual delights. Fortunately, Uncle Kiisu in Novena Square 2 offers up an affordable yet impressive plethora of dishes that seeks to please all sorts of foodies.

This relatively new establishment serves up fusion food where West meets modern Asian cuisine. Aiming to challenge culinary norms, Uncle Kiisu displays its unique interpretations of food where diners are constantly wowed with creative combinations of Peranakan, Japanese and other local flavours.

Uncle Kiisu Mentaiko Cheese Bruschetta

First to arrive was their Mentaiko Cheese Bruschetta (S$3.80), two pieces of crispy dough fritters that were mercilessly doused with mentaiko and cheese and topped with ikura. Freshly torched before serving, the breath of char made this umami bomb all the more smoky and creamier.

Uncle Kiisu Kiiwings

Next was a plate of KiiWings (S$7.80), which was the furthest thing from your regular fried chicken. The wings are tossed in a mixture of soy and sambal and sprinkled with Japanese seasoning and fried garlic shards.

It’s really hard not to suck the meat off the bones because of how well seasoned the wings were. Crispy, juicy and succulent, the flavours oozed out with every single crunch of the fried exterior.
Uncle Kiisu BellyRollMee

We also ordered their BellyRollMee (S$12.80) which was their take on a classic Porchetta, stuffed with mee siam instead of the usual meat based filling. This was, hands down, the single best bite we’ve taken, and perhaps in ever too. From the beautiful crackling skin to the fragrant fat and the soft tender meat, everything was melty and oozy and just absolutely divine.

Touted as their number one signature dish, we definitely understand why.

Uncle Kiisu SobaSoGood

Last but not least, we also had their SobaSoGood (S$8.80). A simple and classic pun for a dish name, it was also the dish that we were most looking forward to. With cold matcha noodles served in truffle soba sauce alongside hotate and ikura, what more could we have asked for?

When it arrived, the smell of truffle wafted through the air and was definitely not hiding. We took a couple of generous slurps and fully enjoyed the way the delicate flavours played off one another.

Uncle Kiisu
10 Sinaran Drive
#02-65 Square2
Singapore 307506
Mon to Fri: 10am – 10.30pm
Sat & Sun: 10am – 11.30pm
Nearest Station: Novena