Seoul Jjimdak – Daebak Korean Army Stew, Jjimdak and Dak-galbi At S$29.90 Each

Seoul Jjimdak Northpoint City

The craze for Korean food has not died down just yet, and we are always on the hunt for new places to add to our list of places to get stellar Korean fare. When it comes to Korean food, our expectations are simple. More often than not, the qualities that we look for is authenticity and attention to taste above all else, and over at Seoul Jjimdak, we got just that.

Seoul Jjimdak Collage

This vibrant, cosy Korean restaurant is tucked away in a corner of the newly-renovated Northpoint City. Prized above all else is their speciality Jjimdak, a stewed chicken dish that is hugely popular back in Korea but is still a challenge to find in Singapore. Other popular classics on their menu include their Army Stew, Kimchi Fried Rice and Jjajiangmyeong.

From now until 31 Dec 2018, our readers can quote ‘ladyironchef’ to enjoy Seoul Jjimdak’s signature Jjimdak, Korean Army Stew and Dak-galbi at S$29.90 each.

If you’re hankering for some hearty, real-deal Korean food, we urge you to pay Seoul Jjimdak a visit—you won’t be disappointed, nor will you leave hungry.

02. Seoul Jjimdak exterior

The restaurant is hard to miss, especially so given its elaborate entrance that features a mock roof—similar to those commonly seen in period Korean dramas—and the many photos of Kpop idols that adorn front counter.



For those of you who do not know what Jjimdak is, it is essentially a stewed meat dish consisting of chicken, seasonal vegetables and soy sauce. The dish itself is hearty, rich with an intensified sweet and savoury taste.

The recipe for this mouthwatering concoction comes from a resident South-Korean ajumma, so you can be sure of its authenticity. However, the dish has been tweaked to better suit local palettes by reducing the spiciness of it.

The Seoul Jjimdak here (S$39.90) is simply daebak! The dish consists of boneless chicken, potatoes, carrots and potato glass noodles that are soaked in a savoury sauce that is made using secret ingredients that are specially imported from South-Korea. All these components come together to create a medley of flavours that are simply addictive.

04. Army Stew


Another one of the restaurant’s signature dishes is their Army Stew (S$39.90). This hearty pot of goodness is definitely a great dish for sharing around with family and friends, especially on a cold, rainy day.

The Army Stew here is made using a homemade kimchi broth, that is considerably more tangy and punchier than regular store-bought kimchis. The pot is filled to the brim with scrumptious goodies such as pork belly, luncheon meat, tteokbokki tteok , mushroom, vegetables, tofu and ramyeon. These varying flavours and textures definitely elevate the dish, resulting in a very satisfying one-pot-wonder.

Seoul Jjimdak Lunch

Seoul Jjimdak is currently having a lunch promotion where you are entitled to two free toppings with any order of their Army Stew or Jjimdak. Some of these delicious toppings include luncheon meat, sweet corn, mozzarella cheese and udon.

There are also ongoing bundle deals available for both lunch and dinner for their Army Stew or Jjimdak which lets you get other dishes such as their Cheese Tteokbokki, Pork Belly Soup and Seafood Pancake at a more affordable price! This promotion is great if you’re looking to have dinner in a big group and you plan to order a variety of dishes for sharing around.

Seoul Jjimdak Dak-galbi


Another popular, must-try dish is their Dak-Galbi (S$39.90), which essentially is a spicy stir-fried chicken dish that is made with a gochujang-based sauce, boneless chicken chunks, tteokbokki tteok, cabbage and scallions.

The Dak-Galbi here is served in separate components so that you can have fun mixing them all together by yourself. When combined, the tangy gochujang-based sauce coats all the ingredients evenly and generously, creating a spicy, mouth-watering dish befitting of any Korean food lover.

Seoul Jjimdak Dakgalbi

They are also having a promotion where the dish will be going for S$29.90 instead of the usual S$39.90. So, if you love spicy Korean chicken, we suggest you head down right now to enjoy this great deal!

Korean Stew Seoul Jjimdak


If you’re hankering for soup or something along the same lines of hot, fiery and comforting, then perhaps one of  Seoul Jjimdak’s soup dishes—available as part of their current lunch promotion—should be able to sort your cravings out. One soup that comes highly recommended is their tangy, spicy Pork Belly Kimchi Soup (U.P. S$18.90) that is now going for just S$9.90!

Their Spicy Mandu Ramyeon Soup (U.P. S$12.90) is a must-try for anyone who loves dumplings and anything that packs on some serious heat. This hearty dish is definitely one that will warm you up, and it’s available at only  S$8.90.



Another classic dish that is part of their exciting lunch promotion is this mouthwatering bowl of Jjajiangmyeong (S$8.90 – U.P. S$11.90). This sweet and savoury Korean noodle dish comprises egg noodles smothered in a copious amount of delicious black bean sauce along with diced pork and vegetables.

Seoul Jjimdak Korean Fried Chicken


Aching for some Korean fried chicken? You’ll be happy to know that Seoul Jjimdak serves up a pretty mean plate of perfectly crisp yet succulent Chicken Wings (S$8.90 – U.P. S$11.90) that are available in either spicy or non-spicy sauce.

And of course, what better way to balance out all the spicy flavours than with a steaming hot bowl of warm, Korean-style, steamed eggs (S$5.90 – U.P. S$10.90)? Simple, tasty and a sure-fire way to put a smile on your face—provided that you don’t accidentally burn your tongue on it.



For those of you who love a good noodle dish, you can also try their Chicken Bulgogi Ramyeon (S$8.90 – U.P. S$12.90). This slurp-worthy dish consists of springy ramyeon noodles topped with succulent chicken bits, mushrooms and an assortment of vegetables.

With so many great deals and a plethora of delicious Korean food available here at Seoul Jjimdak, you’ll undoubtedly be spoilt for choice! At its core, we were really impressed with how each and every dish that we tried tasted fantastic.

As mentioned earlier, our readers can quote ‘ladyironchef’ to enjoy Seoul Jjimdak’s signature Jjimdak, Korean Army Stew and Dak-galbi at S$29.90 each from now until 31 Dec 2018.

Perfect for fuss-free dining with the additional promise of authentic South Korean flavours, head down today. We promise that you won’t regret it!

Seoul Jjimdak
1 Northpoint Drive
#B1-179, Northpoint City South Wing
Singapore 769098
Tel: +65 6481 9179
Daily: 11.30am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Yishun

180 Kitchener Rd, #05-04
Singapore 208539
Mon to Thu: 12pm – 9.30pm
Fri to Sun: 11.30am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Farrer Park

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