Take The Edge Off With OLDTOWN White Coffee’s New ‘Extra Rich’ Blend

Old Town White Coffee Collage

Cafes and artisanal coffee shops can be found in abundance these days leaving many to snub their noses at the thought of instant, powdered coffee. Some might argue that it fairs poorly compared to the real, freshly brewed thing; but while you may shun it, you cannot deny that far predating the current frenzy of drip coffee, single origin varietals, and latte art, people were obsessed with instant.

For us, whenever we crave a quick caffeinated fix before a long gruelling day, our go-to would be, more often than not, OLDTOWN White Coffee’s 3-in-1 blends. Boasting a wide array of instant coffee delights—from the humble Mocha to the crowd-favourite Hazelnut and even several options with less sugar for the health conscious—OLDTOWN White Coffee really does astound. Who knew instant coffee could be so addictive?

New to their repertoire of 3-in-1 coffee types, the colossal brand is proud to introduce their Extra Rich varietal. Featuring OLDTOWN White Coffee’s iconic blend of 3 premium beans and prepared in a dark roast method, what you can expect from Old Town’s 3-in-1 Extra Rich Coffee is a flavour bomb that is robust, bold and well, extra rich.

Here’s why the OLDTOWN White Coffee 3-in-1 Extra Rich needs to be on your next grocery list.

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When it comes to convenience and quality with regards to instant, powdered coffee, few fair as well as OLDTOWN White Coffee’s products. For one, they are hassle-free and the powder dissolves easily without forming lumps.

Old Town White Coffee Coffee Making

Known to trump so many others in terms of taste and caffeine kick, what we particularly adore about the OLDTOWN White Coffee 3-in-1 Extra Rich is its exquisite taste. Made up of 3 premium beans and prepared in one of the brand’s signature methods, the resultant beverage is one that is undeniably richer and bolder in flavour.

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The coffee itself is smooth and not as sweet—which is great for if you’re planning to lay off the sweets. It carries a heady aroma of bittersweet chocolate and a subtle smokiness that rounds everything out beautifully.

We would not necessarily compare this to a morning coffee, for its sheer complexity would be wasted as a mere morning perk-me-up.

If anything, this particular coffee should be enjoyed at the end of the day or even in the middle of a hectic workday because taking into consideration its taste and smoothness, it really is the perfect beverage to have to take the edge off.

Old Town White Coffee Drinking Shot

We’ve had our fair share of instant coffee over the years, but none have impressed, let alone helped us better relax than OLDTOWN White Coffee 3-in-1 Extra Rich. We’re not fooling around, every household and office pantry needs to stock up on it.

Whether you’re a stressed-out office worker, a student or even a fitness junkie, OLDTOWN White Coffee will do the trick; we are addicts, really.

This post was brought to you by OLDTOWN White Coffee.