Mooncakes Singapore 2018 – Where To Get The Best Mooncakes For Mid-Autumn Festival

Mooncakes in Singapore 2018

Our favourite Mid-Autumn Festival (or more affectionately known as Mooncake Festival) is around the corner again! Every year, people celebrate the festivity by lighting candles and lanterns on the day of the full moon and indulge in decadent mooncakes.

For foodies like us, the best part of every year is seeing restaurants and hotels create the most unique and memorable mooncakes creations and they only seem to be getting better every year. With the ongoing trend of localising classics, we see more brands create mooncakes inspired by iconic local flavours. This 2018, you can expect a massive range of mooncakes—from elevated classic to one-of-a-kind creations, as well as mooncakes infused with Asian flavours.

Even if you’re not planning on feasting on these mooncakes, you can always choose to gift them to your family, friends and/or clients. The packaging is something to be mesmerized by too—of opulent boxes, pretty pastels and elegant designs, here are 6 Mooncakes You Need To Try This Mid-Autumn Festival 2018.

Man Fu Yuan Mooncakes 18


InterContinental Singapore’s highly-lauded restaurant, Man Fu Yuan, introduces a range of baked and Snowskin mooncakes for this year’s festivities. These intricately-made mooncakes are encased in a gorgeous latticed chest with vibrant motifs that reflects InterContinental Singapore’s iconic centrepiece, The Lobby Lounge.

Man Fu Yuan Mooncakes 2 18

Making their first ever debut this year is a range of Snowskin mooncakes that are all infused with different types of premium tea. Look forward to irresistible flavours such as black sesame with ambrosial osmanthus, rich matcha with white chocolate, smooth white lotus with mandarin peel and Earl Grey with strawberry chocolate. If you prefer traditional baked mooncakes, you will be delighted to know that you can purchase classics such as baked mooncake with assorted nuts and baked mooncake with luscious white or red lotus paste with a choice of single or double yolks.

Looking for something healthy? Man Fu Yuan’s low-sugar white lotus paste mooncake, generously studded with crunchy macadamia nuts will win you over. You can purchase the mooncakes online from 22 July to 21 September 2018 at and at the Man Fu Yuan Shoppe from 03 August to 24 September 2018.

Enjoy 25% early bird savings when you order the mooncakes from now until 31 August 2018, and an additional 5% savings when you make your purchase online. For more information, please visit, email or call +65 6825 1131 or +65 6825 1132.

AC Mooncakes 2018


This Singapore-born chocolatier has always impressed us with their range of chocolate-based desserts. This year, be stoked about Awfully Chocolate’s intricately-made mooncakes and packaging. Mooncakes are very often purchased as gifts for loved ones, friends and acquaintances, and Awfully Chocolate takes pride in the packaging for this festival snack.

AC Mooncakes 18

This year’s collection comes in a Chinese bamboo chest with a beautiful clasp that can definitely be reused as a decor after you’ve eaten the decadent Dark Chocolate Mooncakes (S$88 for a box of 4). The four flavours in the box are chocolate lotus paste and crunchy hazelnuts, white lotus paste with salted egg yolk, macadamia nuts and the unique chocolate brownie mooncake with toasted melon seeds.

Awfully Chocolate has also created the Chocolate Mooncake Truffles (S$88 a box) modelled after a mooncake. These adorable truffles come in flavours such as Hazelnut Chocolate with Nutella Yolk and Dark Chocolate with Espresso Yolk. Who can resist quality chocolate truffles?

Use our code ‘MC10′ to enjoy 10% off Awfully Chocolate’s mooncake hamper, mooncake collection, mooncake truffle, as well as fruit & nut full moons. You can also get free delivery when you spend S$120 and above.

Get them at the nearest Awfully Chocolate store this Mooncake Festival.

Bakerzin Mooncakes 2018


Bakerzin is at the forefront of mooncake creations every year. Dishing out a plethora of types and flavours, they cater to a huge demographic. Whether you prefer classic flavours or modern and trendy mooncakes, Bakerzin has it all.

This 2018, Bakerzin has created the luxurious Royal Collection (S$66 a box, 1000 boxes available only) featuring their Signature Salted Egg Yolk Blend Mooncakes with a new look! The sleek and new mooncakes come in an array of colours—deep saffron, maroon, jade and charcoal. The flavours include Beetroot Gula Melaka, Osmanthus, Charcoal Tangerine Red Bean and the classic Pandan.

Bakerzin Mooncakes 18

The Brilliance Collection (S$58 per box of 8) is perfect as a gift as it features 8 pastel-coloured snow skin mooncakes with fruit fillings. This year’s Brilliance Collection boasts a new added ingredient: Chia Seeds! With the added benefits of chia seeds, this is definitely a healthier option for the health-conscious people. The stand-out flavours are Cempedak, Honeydew and Strawberry.

Bakerzin’s mooncakes are available from now until 24 September 2018 at all Bakerzin outlets and online. The mooncakes will also be available for purchase at Mid-Autumn Festivals booths across Singapore, Cheers, FairPrice Xpress, and Qoo10. Pre-orders purchase at will be available from 17 July to 9 September 2018.

From now until 2 September 2018, there’s an early bird discount of 15% on all Bakerzin’s mooncakes (except Splendour Collection which has 10% off).

Ritz Mooncakes 2


The exchange of mooncakes is synonymous with Mid-Autumn Festival and every year, we are impressed with the creations from The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore. For the upcoming celebrations, satiate your taste buds with their curated selection of snow skin and traditional baked mooncakes.

Encased in luxe red or rose gold boxes, which also doubles up as a handy jewellery box with multiple storage compartments, these exquisite mooncake creations will impress both business associates and loved ones.

Ritz Mooncakes 18

This time, there are two new flavours you can look forward to—the Irish Martini in the Assorted Mini Snowskin Martini series (S$76 for a box of 8) and White Lotus Seed Paste with Red Date and Longan (S$76 for a box of 4).

To further entice you, The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore will be offering an early bird promotion from now until 19 August 2018 for online purchases via!

Online purchases are entitled to a 20% privilege on all baked and snowskin mooncakes (excluding the Mini Snowskin ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Durian mooncakes) and 15% privilege on the Mini Snowskin ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Durian mooncakes.

TungLok 2018 Moon Cakes


With the ongoing emphasis on healthier choices and healthier living, most Singaporeans are becoming more aware of what they eat. Hence, this Mid-Autumn Festival, TungLok has introduced a whole range of healthier mooncakes—without compromising on taste! Using Allulose, a sugar with less calories, expect healthier mooncakes that are still lip-smackingly delicious!

Tunglok Mooncakes 18

Endorsed by the Health Promotion Board (HPB), the mooncakes are stamped with the healthier choice logo so you can be assured that it truly is healthy for you. The design on their boxes is also symbolic as goldfishes reflect the story of the Lantern Festival.

The limited edition TungLok Treasure Box (S$188+)—with its exquisite hand-crafted jewellery goldfishes and lotus flower—is the perfect gift for your business associates.

TungLok Perfect Duo (S$66+ for a box of 4) features its signature Double Yolk White Lotus and Double Yolk Red Lotus. Alternatively, go for something unique such as their Petals Mochi Snowskin Mooncake (S$60+) which comes in two incredible flavours—Brown Sugar Mochi with Red Bean and Yam and Brown Sugar Mochi with Peanut and Black Sesame.

From now until 31 August 2018, TungLokfirst, Most Valued Guest and UOB cardmembers get to enjoy 20% off from 2 to 10 boxes, 25% off from 11 to 49 boxes and 30% off from 50 boxes and above.

For more details on the mooncakes, visit

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Mooncakes


This Mid-Autumn Festival, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel is elevating your celebrations to new heights with their stellar range of mooncakes. Featuring 11 exquisite mooncake creations that are handcrafted by the chefs of the award-winning Wan Hao Chinese restaurant, you can expect nothing short of culinary genius—unique flavours, traditional mastery and modern refinement.

If you are looking for something to impress your business associates or to spoil your loved ones, the Limited Edition Royal Gift Set (S$238) aims to go above and beyond with White Lotus Seed Paste Baked Mooncakes with Chrysanthemum, Mixed Grains, Serrano Ham & Salted Egg Yolk, accompanied with a bottle of Villa Girardi Amarone Della Valpolicella 2013 (375ml), wine opener and wine stopped.

Singapore Marriott Cempedak Baked Mooncakes

For those who prefer something familiar, Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant is offering traditional recipes with a twist—by injecting local flavours. Drool-worthy options include the new Chicken Bak Kwa Baked Mooncakes with Assorted Nuts (S$70) and Cempedak Paste Baked Mooncakes with Pumpkin Seeds (S$78).

As for their snowskin renditions (S$68), the restaurant is launching three exciting flavours in the likes of Mango Yoghurt Snowskin Mooncakes with Lime Margarita Truffle, Mocha Snowskin Mooncakes with Milk Chocolate Royaltine and White Lotus Seed Paste Snowskin Mooncakes with Salted Egg Truffle.

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel’s mooncakes are available for purchase from 20 August to 24 September 2018 at the hotel’s Forecourt Stall. Otherwise, you can pre-order online over at their website.