Magi Planet Popcorn – Our New Mandatory Munchie To Netflix N’ Chill With

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Artisanal popcorn seems to be dominating the snack food market as of late with several new brands presenting their own innovative take on the staple movie theatre titbit, often throwing some pretty unusual yet tasty flavours into the mix. Magi Planet is one such name that’s worth bearing in mind.

Previously known as Planet Popcorn, Magi Planet is one of Taiwan’s leading gourmet popcorn brand which has made its presence in Singapore since 2012. They currently have a popular following in 7 countries around the Southeast Asian region alone. Come August this year, they will officially be opening their doors here in Singapore.

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Their main focus is on creating popcorn with Asian-inspired flavours. Specially hand-crafted using only the finest ingredients, Magi Planet’s repertoire of gourmet popcorn never fails to achieve the perfect balance between tastiness and trendiness. In light of the coming National Day, Magi Planet will be introducing 2 new flavours—Chilli Crab & Chicken Rice—to pay tribute to two of Singapore’s most beloved dishes.

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It’s time for traditional cinema popcorn to scoot over because Magi Planet Popcorn is the new talk of the town. Offering more than 30 interesting, somewhat whimsical flavours—from Double Chocolate, Seaweed, to even Sizzling Mala—there will be plenty for you to sample, savour and enjoy.

Made using only the finest and freshest ingredients, the brand ensures that every flavour they create is as legit as the real thing. And that’s not all, perhaps it might amaze you to know that their popcorn is hand-made by a professional chef as well.

Magi Planet Caramel Popcorn

Most, if not all their flavour offerings are heavenly, but when it comes down to picking out our favourites, we just had to go with their Corn Soup with the Salted Egg falling not too far behind.

Our favourite by a colossal margin is the uniquely flavoured Corn Soup. Brimming with creamy and intense corn flavour, this addictive treat is deliciously sweet and savoury all at once.

Magi Planet Local Flavoured Popcorn

Exclusive only to the Singaporean market, Magi Planet has created two new popcorn flavours that pay tribute to Singapore’s local cuisine—Chicken Rice & Spicy Chilli Crab.

Magi Planet Chicken Rice Popcorn


Boasting a deep, savoury aroma with a back note of ginger, this variation does seem a tad odd at the start but after a few chews in, we were able to taste the familiar flavours associated with chicken rice.

From the savoury and hearty chicken flavour to the mild sweetness towards the end, every nugget of this got more and more addictive with each mouthful.

Magi Planet Chilli Crab Popcorn


Sweet, spicy and tomatoey all-in-one, this rendition of the iconic chilli crab does a pretty decent job in matching the taste of the sauce. But as far as tasting as legit as the real thing, we must admit that it probably could have more done to it to really bring out flavours of crab.

Not a favourite of ours, but based on how sweet, spicy and brimming with umami this variant is, we can see why people would love it.

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