[Closed] Scissors Paper Stove – Tuck Into Asian-Inspired Tapas & Cocktails At This Beautiful Cafe

 Scissors Paper Stove Collage

Inspired by their Melbourne travels, owners Januver and Chomel started Scissors Paper Stove to celebrate the diversity of Asian culinary techniques and our communal dining culture.

Their menu focuses on a neat range of tapas that are great for sharing among friends and family, as well as other homemade recipes and a small selection of desserts. The cheerful space is perfect for any occasion—whether you are in the mood for a morning pick-me-up or some booze to unwind after a long day.

While some may say that Asian fusion tapas served in colourful tingkats and Asian-inspired cocktails—think vodka with amaretto, milo and condensed milk—sound too much like a marketing gimmick, we applaud the team’s creativity in using familiar Asian flavours to create something new.

Scissors Paper Stove

Scissors Paper Stove impresses at first sight with its funky outlook; the cafe has pastel chairs, a rainbow zig zag wall and neon lights that spell out the cafe’s name.

Scissors Paper Stove Tapas

Since tapas (2 for S$20, 4 for S$36, 6 for S$48) is what the cafe is known for, we decided to pick two that caught our immediate attention—the Pork Belly and Beef Burger.

The cafe’s Pork Belly tapas dish is indeed unusual; what you get is chilled slow roasted pork belly that is paired with coriander, ginger sauce and caramelised shallots.

Scissors Paper Stove Beef Burger

The Beef Burger is made up of a savoury beef patty, melted cheddar cheese and fresh vegetables which are sandwiched in between two hot buttered buns. The mini beef burgers came in perfect tapas sizes that make it easy for consumption and the patties had a great bite to them.

Scissors Paper Stove Menu

Other Asian fusion tapas include Beef Skewers, Chorizo Sausage, Pineapple Chicken, Baby Portobello Mushroom and Bruschetta.

Scissors Paper Stove Set Lunch Menu

Scissors Paper Stove Pork Ribs

If you happen to drop by in the afternoon, their affordable lunch sets are worth every penny. For S$12, you get the soup of the day, a main of your choice and a hot drink. We opted for the Baby Pork Rib which came with sweet and sticky barbecue sauce and coriander on the top for that umami explosion in your mouth.

Scissors Paper Stove Pandan Churros

Scissors Paper Stove is more selective when it comes to their array of desserts, with only four options on the menu. The Pandan Churros (S$5) had a crispy exterior that is coated with a thin layer of sugar for a nice crunch. The only downside was that the insides of the pandan-infused pastry was too soft for our liking. Dip it into gula melaka syrup for added sweetness and flavour.

Scissors Paper Stove
9 Teck Chye Terrace
Singapore 545720
Tel: +65 6242 0021
Daily: 12pm – 12am
Nearest Station: Serangoon