Ssamziegil – Add This Art & Cultural Complex In Insadong To Your Seoul Itinerary

Ssamziegil Insadong Seoul

Ssamziegil is an art and cultural building in Insadong, Seoul. 

As a cultural complex, Ssamziegil’s role is to retain the nostalgia of Insadong’s old streets and alleys that are filled with antique shops that reflect a piece of old Seoul. Since 2004, the place has been receiving tourists and locals who are interested in traditional artwork, visiting folk art galleries and attending craft workshops.

With so many interesting exhibitions to see and things to do, you have to pop by Ssamziegil the next time you are in Insadong.

Ssamziegil Seoul

Encompassing 42,700 square feet of land space in total, there are more than 70 shops for you to browse through! Some of these shops used to operate in Insadong before moving over after the building was constructed.

You may not notice it at first glance but the building has been designed with a spiral-like walkway which circles around the courtyard.

Ssamziegil Basement

There are five entrances that will lead you to the courtyard, which is the main resting area for the public. Walk down to the basement and you will find Gallery Bob and a few restaurants to keep your tummy filled up.

The remaining four floors in Ssamziegil features designer art shops, small cafes and fashion apparels—with the Sky Garden, Galpi book cafe and a resting area right at the topmost level.

Ssamziegil Exhibition

Do not forget to take many pictures of fascinating art exhibitions, which is also one of the highlights of our visit to Ssamziegil. Besides that, there are also many wall paintings and graffiti painted on the stairways which add some vibrancy to the building.

Ssamziegil Cartoon

We could not resist walking nearer to this booth as the cartoon characters caught our attention and we had to watch the artist in action. If you are looking for a memorable souvenir as a keepsake, having a talented artist draw your own cartoon character can be a very interesting experience!

Ssamziegil Stamp

You can also make your own signature stamp at Ssamziegil too! There are many graphic designs you can follow to make your stamp unique. If you are not keen on this, there are other handicraft workshops too.

Ssamziegil Art

Expect to see a collection of artwork done by college students and master craftsmen put on display. If you are curious about the price of a painting or drawing, just walk into the shops and there will be friendly assistants who will answer your inquiries.

Ssamziegil Shops

Ssamziegil Food

Food stands can be found in the building for those looking for a quick bite. They offer Korean snacks that can be found in night markets and a range of drinks to replenish your thirst. This particular stall offers poop bread with delicious fillings such as red bean and chocolate.

We also found another coffee stand on the second floor that offers excellent iced latte which perked us up immediately. Otherwise, rest your feet at one of the few tea houses and indulge in a scrumptious afternoon tea with your friends.


44 Insadong-gil
Jongno-gu, Seoul
Tel: +82 2 736 0088
Daily: 10am – 8.30pm
Nearest Station: Anguk