Guschlbauer Devil Cheese Buns – Famous Austrian Bakery Opens In Singapore

Guschlbauer Devil Cheese Buns

Making its way to our shores and offering a whole new cheese-filled pastry to look forward to is Gushchlibauer.

Hailing all the way from Austria, Gushchlbauer—one of the country’s leading bakeries—has opened its first outlet in Singapore at Punggol Waterway Point.

With nearly a century’s worth of experience (having been established in 1919), the bakery will introduce its pride and joy—the signature Devil Quarter Cheese Bun that promises oozy, gooey cream cheese and satisfaction unlike any other.

Guschlbauer Cheese Buns

This weekend, make your way down to Punggol Waterway Point from as early as 10am to snag yourself one of these decadent cheese-filled buns that are available in 4 enticing flavours, and as part of their opening promotion, they will be giving away 500 free cheese buns each day between 09 to 11 March 2018—so you have to be quick!

Make no mistake, this is one opening you do not want to miss!

Guschlbauer Bread

Ever since Guschlbauer first opened in 1919, the Austrian brand has dedicated itself to the art of making delicious, high-quality pastries made using ingredients carefully sourced from all over the world. The result? Supreme tasting bakes that never fail to delight.

The traditional bakery set sail in Austria, but soon splashed all across Europe, Canada, Hong Kong, Korea and made waves wherever it went.

Guschlbauer Signature Cheese Bun

Their signature cheese buns are handmade with cream cheese that they source from Australia and New Zealand and the process of actually baking a batch takes hours to complete in full.

They are sliced twice in the middle and stuffed with oozing melted cream cheese and lastly, dipped in sweet milk powder for an added richness.

Guschlbauer Original Cheese Bun


Core flavours for their first outlet in Waterway Point include original, matcha, chocolate and tiramisu.

The Cheese Bun Original (S$5.80) had us hooked the moment its hot, bready aroma tickled our noses. Essentially a supersized dinner roll, this bun comes stuffed with a runny cheesecake-like mixture and when it can no longer be stuffed, it is finished with a coat of milk powder.

Guschlbauer Chocolate Bun


They also have a chocolate variation that chocolate lovers will surely adore.

Adding a little extra flavour and colour to the dough as well as the cream cheese (in the form of cocoa), the Cheese Bun Chocolate (S$5.80) carries a subtle bittersweet note that is rounded out nicely by the sweet-salty cream cheese.

Guschlbauer Tiramisu Bun


The Cheese Bun Tiramisu (S$5.80) kicks it up a notch with a slightly bittersweet flavour of coffee that complements the decadent cheese. The satisfaction you get from this option may not measure up fully to the classic Italian dessert, but it sure comes close.

Guschlbauer Kissling


A cross between a croissant and a doughnut, the Kissling (S$8.80) is a flaky and buttery confectionery that, although may not have cheese spilling out of it, is still a pretty awesome treat worth trying.

Guschlbauer Toast


Fancy bakes aside, you can also feel free to pick up a loaf or two of their house-baked toast loaves. Flavours include Original (S$3.50), Cheese (S$4.80) and Whole Wheat (S$5.60).

Guschlbauer Exterior

If you find yourself craving for something decadent and sweet over the weekend, why not make your way down to Punggol Waterway Point to snag yourself one of these bad boys for yourself?

As part of their opening promotion, they will be giving away 500 free Devil Cheese Buns each day between 09 to 11 March 2018, starting from as early as 10am!

Fresh batches of buns come out by the hour (or less), so you can bet that each fluffy quarter cheese bun is sure to taste excellent each time!

83 Punggol Central
#01-K16 Waterway Point
Singapore 828761
Daily: 10am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Punggol

This post was brought to you by Guschlbauer.