Ah Heng Drink Stall – The Coolest Pop-up Bar In Singapore & All Drinks Are FREE

Ah Heng Drink Stall Singapore

All hail Ah Heng Drink Stall, the coolest pop-up bar that is happening real soon in Singapore.

Unfortunately, none of the serving staff or mixologists is called Ah Heng, but hey, they have healthier drink options that everyone needs to know about! With lower-sugar drink options that are concocted from everyone’s local favourites such as MILO®, zero-sugar cola and lower-sugar green tea, all drinks at Ah Heng Drink Stall are going to be FREE.

You know, sugar is really bad for you and we are all too guilty of consuming too many sugared drinks. Man, we really love our sugar—desserts, drinks, everything…

Yes, a little won’t kill; everything in moderation. When we look past those sugar-laden drinks; we’d actually realise that there are actually many more flavours waiting to be discovered.

And that’s when the pop-up bespoke bar that is both cool and healthy is going to show you exactly how. With the first installation of Ah Heng Drink Stall coming up next week on 08 and 09 March 2018 at Raffles Green, come join the Ladyironchef team as we discover how less-sugar drinks can be equally tasty and interesting!

Here is what you can expect from Ah Heng Drink Stall—the coolest pop-bar in Singapore.

Ah Heng Drink Stall Apple Pie Spice


Let’s face it—too much sugar can be overpowering. In fact, many times, sugar masks flavours. Sugar is loaded with empty calories and too much of it can lead to the usual—weight gain (oh, the horror!), tooth decay and the list goes on.

While it is (almost) impossible to avoid sugar altogether, how about taking baby steps of reducing our sugar intake by simply making wiser and more informed decisions about the things we eat and drink?

Sure, it sounds all too boring, but we are on it too and much to our pleasant surprise, we are actually starting to appreciate ingredients and their tastes a lot better these days for we are truly savouring the flavours.

No joke, it is doable and being such avid sugar fans ourselves, we have already embarked on a journey of less sugar.

Ah Heng Drink Stall Pom Pom Parade


Being healthy isn’t an overnight thing, we agree, but here’s the thing—you don’t actually have to give up everything you love just to be healthy.

We are definitely not giving up on our beloved MILO® drink (Nathan Hartono wouldn’t approve anyway), neither are we staying away from our favourite chrysanthemum tea packet drinks. Let’s not even talk about giving up on cakes. IMPOSSIBLE.

So, how to be “healthy” when we have all these weak spots, you’d wonder.


Ah Heng Drink Stall will get all of us started. The pop-up bar is going to be a mass sampling event that will run over a couple of days across different locations in Singapore, and the mixologists will show you exactly how you can still consume your favourite local drinks without loading too much sugar into your body.

Give your taste buds a treat; Ah Heng Drink Stall will be presenting seven original creations—naturally enhanced through spices, herbs and fruits—that are lower in sugar yet nothing short of flavourful.

Ah Heng Drink Stall Bukit Coco


You know what is the best part? EVERYTHING IS COMPLIMENTARY. There will also be recipe cards provided so that you can recreate those drinks at home easily.

Ah Heng Drink Stall Haloe Vera

The seven drinks to look forward to at Ah Heng Drink Stall are Haloe Vera, MILO® BTO, Pom Pom Parade, Fruity Cola Punch, Chrys Cooler, Bukit Coco and Apple Pie Chai.

They are all created using familiar local drinks. The ones we are truly looking forward to are MILO® BTO, Chrys Cooler and Fruity Cola Punch!

Ah Heng Drink Stall Milo BTO

The MILO® BTO features MILO® Gao Siew Dai powder and milk.

The Chrys Cooler is made with everyone’s favourite Yeo’s Chrysanthemum Tea and Goji berries.

The Fruity Cola Punch is, of course, made with Cola Cola Zero Sugar and a mixture of pineapple and orange juice.

Ah Heng Chrys Cooler


Do they not sound exciting already? Even better that they are lower in sugar!

The first installation of Ah Heng Drink Stall will be happening on 08 Mar 2018 and 09 Mar 2018 at Raffles Green. We will see you there, won’t we?

For recipes and more details, please refer to gethealthy.sg

This post is brought to you by Health Promotion Board.