Let’s Get Cereal – First Cereal Cafe In Johor Bahru With More Than 20 Cereal Brands

Costura Cafe

Cereal cafes are all the hype now and during our team’s recent trip to Johor Bahru, there was one such cafe that caught out attention as we walked past the stylish boutique cafe. At Let’s Get Cereal, this is where you will find more than 20 local and imported cereal brands that will remind you of your childhood breakfast.

Patrons get to choose among six pre-mixed cereal bowls or they can also customise one that is to their liking. But besides the food and beverages, the cafe shares a space with local fashion label, Costura. Yes, this is also a retail haven for fashionistas and those who are into independent brands!

Drop by Let’s Get Cereal for a simple afternoon snack to cool off from the humid weather or just swing by for some retail therapy if the usual shopping malls are starting to bore you. 

Costura Interior

The first thing you will notice upon stepping into Let’s Get Cereal is the magnificent display of cereal boxes on the wall. Featuring crowd-favourites such as Honey Stars, Fruit Loops, Koko Krunch and many others, it is almost impossible not to find your favourite cereal brand there.

The front part of the cafe is dedicated to all the cereal fans and the back room behind the red brick wall is where you will find Costura’s range of clothing and accessories.

Costura Menu

Eager to create our own cereal bowl, we decided to go for their DIY option where guests are allowed to pick two different types of cereals (Local – RM6.90/ Imported – RM10.90/ Mix – RM8.90), a topping and your choice of milk. There are more than 15 toppings for you to choose from!

Costura Cereal

Our first cereal bowl creation comprises Chocolate Cheerios, Reese’s Puff, M&Ms and low fat milk (RM10.90). Although there is nothing special in particular about the taste, we loved the mix of chocolate and peanut bits which was not overly sweet as it complemented the refreshing low fat milk.

Costura Johor Bahru

For something more Instagram-worthy, we decided to go for Apple Jacks, Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Peanut Butter Clusters, marshmallow and strawberry milk for our next order. The pastel pink hue of the strawberry milk certainly gives it an extra ‘wow’ factor in terms of presentation but the taste is nothing extraordinary.

Costura Food

While the food does not impress at Let’s Get Cereal, the boutique cafe is still a fantastic addition to Johor Bahru’s collection of cafes for you to rest your feet because of its near proximity to the immigration checkpoint and photogenic interior.

Let’s Get Cereal
No. 18, Jalan Dhoby
Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Tel: +6016 7676 344
Sat to Thu: 10am to 7pm
Fri: Closed

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