Blue Willow – Blue-themed Bar & Bistro Near NUS With Blue Pancakes & Blue Wine

Blue Willow

Behind the same folks that brought you Fresh Fruits Lab comes Blue Willow, a thematic bar and bistro that derives its inspiration from one of our favourite science-fiction movies of 2009—to give you a clue, the alien characters in it are all blue.

Decked out in—you guessed it—blue with beautiful wall murals depicting scenes and characters from the movie, this cosy bistro in the West of Singapore is not your usual gimmicky themed cafe. Of hearty grub and inventive cocktails that are mostly blue in colour, the food standard is so good that you wouldn’t believe you are dining in a cafe!

You’d be pleased to know that the blue-coloured dishes and drinks are naturally coloured with butterfly pea; nothing tastes artificial nor tackily sweet. Blue dishes and desserts to look forward to include the Eywa Natural Blue Carbonara, Neytiri’s Blue Pancake Stack and Blue Velvet Cake. If you are out looking for a tipple, we are sure their stunning line-up of thematic cocktails will leave an impression as well.

From now until 04 Mar 2018 (excluding Valentine’s Day), our readers can quote ‘ladyironchef’ upon making your orders to enjoy 50% OFF the second main course (on the lower-priced item). This promotion is valid for lunch and dinner daily.

So get your appetites going and your cameras at the ready, because Blue Willow Bar & Bistro is an absolute must-visit.

Blue Willow Interior

Blue Willow Bar & Bistro is the latest venture by a young couple, who are also the owners of restaurants Fresh Fruits Lab and Platform 1094. Tucked away along a small row of shops, away from the bustling city scene and near to the NUS campus, Blue Willow offers students and regular patrons alike some much-needed respite from the stresses of everyday life—at a pretty affordable price point too!

The inspiration for the blue themed, alien-world cafe, which serves Western-fusion cuisine, comes from a tree in the cafe’s backyard, reminiscent of the iconic ‘Tree of Souls’ in the movie—don’t tell us you’re still guessing.

Blue Willow Jake's Breakfast


Only available on weekends before 3pm, their brunch menu offers a fine selection of hearty grub that will set the tone for your weekend perfectly. First on the list is Jake’s Breakfast (S$16++): a huge plate featuring all the works from scrambled eggs, toasted baked garlic, bacon, chicken cheese sausages, grilled mushrooms and a salad.

Modelled after a classic English breakfast, this colossal plate promises you everything you could ever want from greasy to creamy—the best way to kickstart any day in our opinion.

Blue Willow Egg's Benedict


Although similar in composition, the Eggs Benedict (S$13++) served here is presented and prepared a little differently. Instead of the conventional English muffin, what you get as your base is a toasted soft roll which is topped with bacon, chicken ham, two sous vide eggs and drizzled luxuriously with their homemade hollandaise sauce.

Blue Willow Blue Pancakes 2


Perhaps one of the most ‘Insta-worthy’ items on their brunch menu is the Neytiri’s Blue Pancake Stack (S$14++) that comprises three thick, blue pancakes topped with blueberry, maple sago, strawberries and cookie crumbles.

The pancakes left a deep impression upon first bite! Fluffy with a crispy exterior and brimming with vanilla aroma, complemented with fresh berries and maple syrup that beautifully bring the entire dish together. As with all of their blue coloured dishes, no artificial colouring is added. All of them derive their bluish hue naturally from butterfly peas.

Blue Willow Blue Carbonara


For something a little more unusual that is bound to have your Instagram followers in total awe is the Eywa Natural Blue Carbonara (S$14++).

Boasting a blueish colour courtesy of the butterfly pea added into the pasta dough, this dish would surely have diners feeling a tad confused at first, but stick your fork in and swirl some into your mouth and you would be greeted wiith a delicious medley of flavours from the sautéed bacon, savoury cheesy cream sauce and the rich sou vide egg yolk. After the initial taste, we were hooked and were ready to scarf down the entire plate.

Blue Willow Barramundi 2


Grilled to tender perfection, the Blue Willow’s Barramundi (S$20++) is a good alternative to order should you wish for something less rich. Our fish was tender and flaky and the skin had a glorious crisp.

Complementing the Barramundi is a blue pine nut mustard cream sauce, as well as a combination of fresh vegetables from tender beetroot, wilted baby spinach and pine nuts, sprinkled over top.

Blue Willow Da Bomb Burger


For the love of ginormous burgers that pack great flavour, the FFL Da Bomb Burger (S$19++) is something we highly recommend.

This monster of a burger features a 200gram medium-well beef batty, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, grilled sweet onion, bacon, egg and is finally topped with a blue cheddar cheese sauce that diners are free to pour over themselves should they wish.

Blue Willow Cocktail


Besides their array of toothsome food offerings, do pay attention to their stellar cocktail menu as well. Offering a variety of inventive cocktails that showcase various methods of culinary theatrics, they are just as tasty to sip on as they are aesthetically pleasing.

Blue Willow Cocktails 2

Some of their cocktails even require diners to get ‘hands-on’ so pimp away, because at Blue Willow, the experience is what you make of it.

For the wine connoisseur, you will be delighted to know that Blue Willow is the only bar and bistro in Singapore licensed to bring in and sell the world’s first blue-coloured wine, Gik. We already know so many parties to bring this to!

From now until 04 Mar 2018 (excluding Valentine’s Day), our readers can quote ‘ladyironchef’ upon making your orders to enjoy 50% OFF the second main course (on the lower-priced item). This promotion is valid for lunch and dinner daily.

Blue Willow Bar & Bistro
28 Clementi Road,
Singapore 129754
Tel: +65 6803 7472
(Closed on Mondays)
Tue to Fri: 12pm – 12am
Sat & Sun: 11am – 12am
Nearest Station: Kent Ridge / Haw Par Villa

This post was brought to you by Blue Willow Bar & Bistro.