Ruyi – 24-Hour Chinese Fast Food Restaurant With Amazing Mala Beef Noodle Soup

Ruyi Food

Ruyi, which means ‘as one wishes’ in Chinese, is the first fast-food Chinese restaurant to be introduced in Singapore by TungLok Group. At any time of any day, this humble fast food restaurant—located at Resorts World Sentosa—is the best place to go for good value, quick and delectable Chinese meals.

This 24-hour, quick-service concept is a draw for diners in search of convenient, good-quality Chinese meals at affordable prices. Presenting a choice of more than 30 items, diners can choose from a range of rice, noodles, dim sum, and desserts—all of which come served piping hot and delicious every time. Whether you are craving spicy laksa or crispy chicken wings, Ruyi has what it takes to curb those late night cravings.

A crowd favourite and one dish that you absolutely must try is their assorted beef noodle soup options. Just a heads up—their mala soup is divine and you will be hooked.

Never would it cross our minds to find affordable eats in a place like Resorts World Sentosa, let alone in Sentosa itself; here’s what you are missing out on if you haven’t been to Ruyi.

Ruyi Beef Noodles Mala Soup


You will find no shortage of noodle dishes as far as Chinese cuisine is concerned, but one particular dish that is sure to rock your socks off is their Beef Noodle Soup (S$13). Brimming with unbelievable flavour along with generous portions of tender-beyond-belief beef, this comforting bowl is the perfect thing to have at any time of the day.

You can choose between two soup bases—original and spicy mala. The original version boasts a strong and savoury beef aroma while the rich and robust mala beef soup which is simmered for 14 hours; packs a fiery punch.

Ruyi Beef Soup With Triple Treasures

If you want to give noodles a miss, you can also opt for the Original Beef Soup with Triple Treasures (S$20) that features tender slices of beef, tendons, and tripe slow-cooked to perfection. If like us, you squeal with excitement at the thought of offal, then this is surely something you need to try.

The beef tendons are soft with a good amount of chew while the tripe is well-cleaned and tender.

Ruyi Fish Porridge


Available for breakfast between 4am to 11am daily is the Fish Fillet Porridge Set (S$5.80) that comes with either coffee or tea.

Like any good porridge, the rice grains are cooked for so long that the individual grains are hardly visible. The porridge served here is silky smooth and tasty, courtesy of the flavourful fish broth of which it is it made from.

There is a great balance between the smooth porridge, savoury fish and the combination of deep-fried fritters and fried onion that give the dish multiple textures and flavours that tease the taste buds.

Ruyi Fried Rice & Noodles


You can never go wrong with the Ruyi Fried Rice (S$7.20) and Ruyi Fried Noodles (S$7.20).

The Ruyi Fried Rice may look simple and unassuming at first glance, but we assure you it is a far cry from that. Each golden grain is coated with egg and the plump prawns give a pleasant seafood flavour and texture to every bite.

On the other hand, the Ruyi Fried Noodles has a slightly charred flavour that complements the thin egg noodles. You’d be surprised; this dish is actually not oily and we were very impressed by how much wok hei this dish had.

Ruyi Wanton Noodle Soup


Wonton mee is a perennial favourite among Singaporeans and is one that many of us constantly crave for. Over at Ruyi, the BBQ Pork and Shrimp Dumpling Noodle (S$9.20) does not disappoint.

The noodles are cooked al dente with a lovely bite to it. The dumplings are jam-packed with generous fillings of pork and shrimp and each bite promises an intense flavour and textural bomb.

Ruyi Lu Rou Fan


This Taiwanese dish is getting much attention in Singapore and Ruyi is another place to visit for a wholesome bowl of Lu Rou Fan (S$8.20). Each bowl comes with steamed rice atop of slow-cooked braised pork drenched in dark sauce, half a soy egg and preserved vegetables.

The tangy preserved vegetables cut through the dark sauce which makes the dish less surfeit and much more appetizing. As simple as it looks, the braised pork is incredibly flavourful and we are surely going back for more.

Ruyi Laksa 2


Laksa is a very well-loved local dish in Singapore and needless to say, Ruyi wouldn’t be the first place most of us head for laksa. But after our meal, we really beg to differ.

Brimming with rich coconutty flavours, the laksa here is the epitome of comfort food at its best. With just the right amount of spice, coupled with fresh ingredients, we dare say that this has got to be one of best laksas we have ever tried.



If you’re looking for a teatime snack or light supper, try the humble selection of Chinese snacks Ruyi has to offer. The BBQ Pork Bun (S$0.90 per piece) and Fried Turnip Cake (S$0.90 per piece)—both of which require a minimum order of 2 pieces—as well as the Crispy Chicken Wing (S$2) and Pan-Fried Pork and Cabbage Gyoza (S$3.50 for 4, S$6.50 for 8) are some of our favourites.

We really love our Crispy Chicken Wing that is fragrant and outrageously crispy, and the Pan-Fried Pork and Cabbage Gyoza pairs really well with the plum vinegar and julienned ginger dipping sauce.

Ruyi Interior

With more than 30 items on the menu, you will definitely be spoilt for choice.

26 Sentosa Gateway, #B1-222/223,
Resorts World Sentosa,
Singapore 098138
Daily: 24-hours
Nearest Station: Harbourfront

This post was brought to you by Ruyi.