10 at Claymore – An Extravagant CNY Buffet Dinner At S$108++ For 2

10 At Claymore CNY

10 at Claymore at Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore is a popular name when it comes to value-for-money buffet spreads and this Lunar New Year, it is no exception. Capturing the flavours of both new and traditional favourites, you can expect a lavish myriad of gourmet delicacies, diners with an affinity for gourmet delicacies that capture the essence of traditionally cooked dishes are bound to be spoilt for choice.

Indulge in a selection of auspicious delicacies that have been specially curated and masterfully executed. Luxurious as the line-up is, we are giving you an opportunity to experience it all without breaking the bank. Simply quote ‘LIC-CNY’ to enjoy the indulgent feast at S$42++ for two for the à la carte set lunch and S$108++ for two for the dinner buffet.

This exclusive promotion is valid from 22 January to 28 February 2018 from Monday to Sunday and especially just for our loyal supporters, we will also be giving you 25% savings on all other à la carte dishes for lunch on weekdays.

Locals and holidaymakers will be pleased to know that while most restaurants will be closed during the Lunar New Year, 10 at Claymore will be operating as per normal—and with a bigger and better menu comprising fresh seafood on ice, a divine dessert spread as well as an array of delicious international and Chinese New Year dishes. Now, have we got your attention yet?

10 At Claymore Cod Fish


Fish is often associated with wealth and abundance, which is why it is not uncommon to see fish dishes in Chinese New Year reunion meals.

Cooked and served whole, the colossal fillet of Cod is definitely one dish you should look forward to at the dinner buffet. Perfectly steamed, the fish remains delicately moist. Topped with a savoury-sweet soy sauce and garnished with a mixture of mushrooms, wolfberries and chai po (preserved turnips), we simply loved how the silky meat practically melted in our mouths.

10 At Claymore Braised Pork Belly


One of our favourites on this year’s menu is the Braised Pork Belly. Braised over a low flame for a considerable amount of time in a thick and dark soy-based sauce, the pork belly achieves pull-apart tenderness.

Boasting a plentitude of flavours from savoury, sweet and subtly spiced, this is a sure-fire winner that we guarantee you will enjoy. The meat literally melts in your mouth while the gelatine-like layer of fat adds another dimension of texture and flavour. Eaten with their charcoal bun, there really is nothing that can beat this.

10 At Claymore Lotus Leaf Brown Rice


If you are a fan of bold flavours, we highly recommend trying the Eight Treasure Lotus Leaf Brown Rice: a traditional Chinese New Year dish.

Steamed in a massive lotus leaf, the brown rice was infused with the lotus flavour that made it incredibly fragrant. The assortment of Chinese sausages and waxed duck provided more depth and savoury taste to the dish.

10 At Claymore Dried Oyster


For those unfamiliar with Chinese delicacies, one of the few oriental classics that is eaten almost exclusively during Chinese New Year—and one that you can look forward to on the buffet line—is fatt choy, which for the uninitiated, is basically a braised vegetable dish that typically comprises black moss (fatt choy) and dried oysters (ho see).

The name ‘Ho See Fatt Choy’ itself means to prosper in wealth in Cantonese, which is why this dish is commonly served as a symbol of good fortune at many restaurants and households.

Braised in soy and oyster sauce, the ingredients were exceptionally soft and tender.

10 At Claymore Fish Maw Soup


Conceptually similar to shark fin soup, this Crabmeat Soup and Superior Fish Maw is a hearty soup to look out for in the buffet line-up.

Cooked with pumpkins and carrots—which explains the soup’s yellowish hue—this tasty soup boasts savoury and subtly sweet qualities. Expect to find premium ingredients such as crab meat, fish lips and for good measure, scallops as well.

10 At Claymore Nian Gao


The Sticky Rice Cake—otherwise known as nian gao in Mandarin—is an oriental sweet treat that Chinese people eat every Chinese New Year. This glutinous rice-based cake is commonly deep-fried with an egg wash (much like French toast) and the end result is an incredibly chewy cake encased in a golden crisp.

At 10 at Claymore, the chefs turn it up a notch by sandwiching the Nian Gao between a layer of regular sweet potato and purple sweet potato, to which the layered dish is battered and fried to golden perfection. Pleasantly crisp and mildly sweet, this makes for a pretty spot-on dessert item.

10 At Claymore Yu Sheng


Keeping with the tradition of ushering in the Lunar New Year with a prosperity toss, 10 at Claymore’s Prosperity Pacific Lo Hei makes for a perfect entrée with its bed of fresh julienned carrots, radish, lettuce, cucumber and pomelo. A sweet plum sauce is drizzled over the “Chinese salad” and chunks of crispy fish skin topped the dish for a medley of flavours and textures.

Every table is entitled to a complimentary serving of the Prosperity Pacific Lo Hei for both lunch and dinner with servings tailored to your party of family and friends.

10 Claymore Boston Lobster


Regulars to 10 at Claymore will always look out for the Boston Lobster on Ice. Now, who can resist unlimited fresh Boston lobsters?

10 At Claymore Roast Meat


Besides Chinese New Year dishes, there is also a mouth-watering selection of Asian and Western delights to be had at the dinner buffet line-up. We are talking about authentic Chinese roast meats, fresh seafood on ice, the highly acclaimed Baked Oysters in Chillies and even our all-time-guilty-pleasure, prosciutto.

10 At Claymore Prosciutto

These items are on rotation and are subjected to the change and availability of seasonal produce but the quality remains consistent throughout.

10 At Claymore CNY Lunch Set


Diners will get to enjoy weekday à la carte set lunches (S$28++ per adult) that comprise the Steamed Lotus ‘Lap Mei’ Brown Rice, Double Boiled Golden Fishmaw Crabmeat Broth as well as one main dish of which you have the option to choose out of a selection of 3.

Take your pick from the Traditional Steamed Cod Fish with Chicken Shredded Black Fungus, Braised Pork Belly ‘Dong Po Rou’ with Bun or Oven Roasted Chicken with Fragrant Garlic Almonds. But before your meal commences, you will first have the customary lo hei or prosperity toss that comes complimentary for each table regardless of the number of guests.

Don’t forget to quote ‘LIC-CNY’ to enjoy this all-you-can-eat indulgent feast at S$42++ for two for the à la carte set lunch and S$108++ for two for the dinner buffet. This exclusive promotion is valid from 22 January to 28 February 2018 from Monday to Sunday, and especially just for our loyal supporters, we will also be giving you 25% savings on all other à la carte dishes for lunch on weekdays.

For dining enquiries and reservations, please call +65 6831 6686 or email [email protected].

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**Not valid on Chinese New Year Eve, Chinese New Year Day 1 & 2.
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Dinner Buffet
22 January to 28 February 2018 (Mon to Sun)
6pm – 10.30pm: S$72++ (Adult), S$36++ (Child)

10 at Claymore
Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore
10 Claymore Road
Tel: +65 6831 6686
Daily: 6pm – 10.30pm
Lunch 12.00pm to 2.30pm
Dinner 6pm – 10.30pm
Nearest Station: Orchard

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