Summerlong – Mediterranean Restaurant At Robertson Quay With Beachside Vibes

Summerlong Collage

Bringing the best of both Eastern and Western Mediterranean cuisine in a summer beach setting right smack in the city might sound a little far-fetched, but Summerlong at Robertson Quay has done just that.

The open kitchen, helmed by Chef Justin Hammond of Neon Pigeon, serves up a mix of snacks and mains that include their Lemon & Garlic hummus with Lebanese Minced Lamb and their stellar Chargrilled Octopus, Parsnip, Garlic, Honey dish which diners constantly rave about.


With its decorative influences stemming from the beaches of the Mediterranean, Summerlong perfectly encapsulates a summer seaside vibe, giving diners the experience of those long summer days and cool vibrant nights.

This cosy restaurant features an eclectic mix of cooking styles and dishes from the Mediterranean, so what you get is a whole myriad of fresh, bold and differing flavour profiles, all intermingling and interchanging to create dishes that will really interest and excite.

Summerlong Spring Roll

A good starter to consider is their Braised Lamb Shank In Pastry, Grilled Apricots, Spiced Lentils.

This unassuming snack might strike the common eye as nothing more than an overpriced spring roll, but upon taking that first bite, what you will experience is something a lot more impressive.

Tender melt-in-your-mouth lamb shank that has clearly had hours of braising is stuffed into a crispy pastry. But aromatic and tasty as it was, what really made this dish tick was the grilled apricots which provided a sweet caramel contrast to the robust lamb.


Without a second thought, we would most certainly say that their Chargrilled Octopus, Parsnip, Garlic, Honey simply was our ultimate favourite because the balance between flavours and textures were struck beautifully.

The honey-glazed octopus was grilled to perfection, exuding a deep smokiness and a perfectly caramelised exterior. The parsnips were tender and sweet, which played off the brininess of the chargrilled octopus really well, but the addition of pickled onions was what rounded this dish off for us—it provided the perfect amount of tartness to cut through the rich vibrant flavours.

Summerlong Smoked Pork Ribs

Where #foodporn is concerned, none other can beat the sheer rustic beauty of the Smoked Pork Ribs, Pomegranate Glaze, Dukkah Crust. Summerlong took it to a whole new level by injecting influences from Egypt with their Dukkah Crust, which consists of a mixture of herbs, nuts, and spices—giving it a nice colourful crust and subtle herbaceous notes.

The Smoked Pork Ribs, Pomegranate Glaze, Dukkah Crust is truly a work of art—both aesthetically and flavour-wise. The pork ribs hold perfectly intact but once you bite into them you would realise just how soft and pull-apart-tender they are.

Summerlong Frozen Yoghurt

Their soft serve yoghurt comes in two flavours—original and chocolate—and includes a myriad of toppings ranging from chocolate to candy and even healthier alternatives like granola and fruit. A perfect way to end any meal, this dessert is both luscious and luxurious but the beauty is in creating your own decadent masterpiece yourself.

60 Robertson Quay #01-04,
Singapore 238252
Tel: +65 6235 1225
Mon to Fri: 5pm – 12am
Sat & Sun: 10.30am – 3pm, 6pm – 12am
Nearest Station: Fort Canning