KyoChon – The BEST Korean Fried Chicken In Seoul

Kyochon 2

KyoChon has the best fried chicken in Seoul, South Korea. There, we’ve said it. There is no lack of Korean fried chicken restaurants in Seoul, but KyoChon’s rendition is head and shoulders above the rest.

KyoChon offers its Korean fried chicken in several flavours—Garlic Soy Series, Honey Series, and Red Series (Red Pepper). Do not leave Seoul without having KyoChon’s Korean Fried Chicken.

Kyochon 3

We visited one of KyoChon outlets in the Hongdae district. Unlike other older KyoChon outlets which are a lot more casual, it impressed us with a modern and sleek setting.

Kyochon 4

“Kyo” translates to wisdom and enlightenment and “Chon” means village. KyoChon was created to remind the brand’s founder of home and the amazing fried chicken he used to have. The one thing that sets Kyochon apart from many other fried chicken joints, is the fact that they use only natural ingredients.

This means that their chickens are not injected with hormones and only canola oil is used to fry the chicken. No trans fat or MSG, just simple and fuss-free chicken that is oh-so-good!

The menu was extremely straightforward and we went right for the Garlic Soy option. You can choose from different serving types, including—Whole Chicken (W16,000), Sticks [Drumlets] (W18,000), Wings & Drummettes (W18,000) and Combination (W18,000).

Kyochon 1

We had the Combination platter to have a go at the different chicken types. All we can say is, “Wow!”

It was probably the most satisfying fried chicken experience we ever had in our entire lives. From the crispy exterior to the evenly coated sauce and tender meat, KyoChon has created THE perfect fried chicken. Honestly, we were probably too appalled by how good it was that we gobbled the entire platter up within a mere few minutes.

Kyochon Fried Chicken

For something that has no MSG or preservatives, it was damn addictive! The garlic soy sauce was just right. Mildly sweet with a strong garlic flavour, each bite we had got better and better. It was an out-of-body experience that we can barely put into words.

Also, the simple process of savouring a chicken drumlet to the bone is ultra-satisfying. Be sure to get all the good, crispy parts at the ends of your drumlet to enjoy it fully. There is no debate, KyoChon has our heart and our tummies.

Kyochon 5

If there is just one Korean fried chicken place to go in Seoul, South Korea, look no further. Be prepared to be so satisfied by their amazing Korean fried chicken!

KyoChon (Hongdae)
362-15, Seogyo-dong
Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Tel: +82 3381300
Daily: 3pm to 2am
Nearest Station: Sangsu