Hadongkwan – 80-Year-Old Restaurant In Seoul Specialising In Gomtang

Hadongkwan Myeongdong

Hadongkwan is a traditional Korean restaurant in Myeongdong that serves only two items on their menu—Gomtang (thick beef bone soup) and Suyuk (boiled beef or pork slices).

Having been around for 80 years, Hadongkwan has made a name for itself among locals and tourists who love to drop by for a comforting bowl of Gomtang, especially during winter. Only the highest grade of ingredients are used and no artificial flavourings are added to their food.

If you are looking for a light and nutritious breakfast or lunch option at Myeongdong street, Hadongkwan is where you should go to. 


Originally located in a back alley near Cheonggye Stream when they first started out, the restaurant was demolished due to redevelopment initiatives and it has since moved to central Myeongdong.

Despite scaling up, Hadongkwan has retained its original wooden signboard, doors and furniture so long time customers still feel that sense of nostalgia.

Hadongkwan Regular Gomtang

Their signature dish is the Regular Gomtang (W12,000), which is Korean beef soup with rice. The light, yet flavourful soup is the result of boiling beef and radish for hours and only using natural ingredients. We enjoyed the clean soup tremendously and it was made better with savoury beef slices.

For those who find it too light to their liking, add some fresh spring onion and salt into the soup. All diners are given radish kimchi as sides as well to spice up their meal.

Hadongkwan Special Gomtang

Looking for something better? You have to go for their Special Gomtang (W15,000) instead. On top of beef slices and rice, diners are also treated to a generous portion of tripe as well—what you get is a variety of textures from the soft rice, tender beef and chewy tripe slices.

The best part about Hadongkwan is that the restaurant offers free soup refills, so do not be shy about asking for more soup from the friendly waitresses!

Hadongkwan Exterior

12, Myeongdong 9-gil
Jung-gu, Seoul
Daily: 7am – 4pm
Nearest Station: Euljiro il-ga

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